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The Soviet government gave people a free education, medicine gave work to everyone who wanted to work with it, all countries were considered, and what would a Wrangel give with his smart people the gallows and today's life when some get rich and others lead a miserable existence socialism for the people capitalism for a handful of infested people. p>

Just watched this Stream. Very bitter and disgusting at heart. It finally dawned on me that I was really in a cattle pen, among brainless animals. Well, like Stomakhin in the camp, among the whole manifested and compact section of society. The speech of your today's guest turned upside down. Complete depresnyak from his words. The spirit did not finally fall, but the blow was strong. Two years of my resistance and attempts to help LIKE your Channel have almost crowned FIASCO. At least someone in my trench pulled out a white flag, but not me. And he will raise his consciousness along with me if I finally feel a failure in the Herd. He is still out . This company with the Amendments stirred the Crowd a little. But this is all wrong ... Sorry for the defeatist mood, but you need to catch your breath, at least until the 2nd. It is necessary to see firsthand the birth of an unmasked LIE. This will support the strength for further Slaughter. There is no particular fear. So far, only some kind of paralysis and despair.

What other country can be built on the basis of Muscovy? Three hundred years ago they re-branded to “Russia”, a hundred years ago to “Soviet Union”, 30 years ago to the Russian Federation. But the essence is still Muscovite. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov in 1892 proposed a re-branding that was more in line with the internal content - “Chamber No. 6”. Many optimists, due to their intellectual pride, still refuse to understand the Chekhov rebranding.

Your today's guest is absolutely right - nothing normal can be built in the Federation either in the near future or in the more distant future. For this, Russia simply does not have human capital of the required quality. The “justice” that Prof. Solovey constantly talks about will consist in the fact that one group of office workers will wring out everything acquired by “back-breaking labor” from another group of office workers. At the same time, the people, as Pushkin bequeathed, “is silent”.

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