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You have already gone so much that you say they say where you live they arrange marathons, but in Russia, do they not? Constantly there are races, those who are engaged in running are in the know. You just have to pour your mud on our country. Dina Samoilova

Sasha, what kind of solution is this, arm yourself? than? Right now, for a found cartridge, they distribute for 5 years tomorrow they will announce 25 and go to anyone with a search and what kind of shisha do you buy it for? How to arm yourself ??? I have no piercing weapons other than a fork. Shamil Abdullaev

The whole world has revised its view of Russia. An ineradicable evil once arose in this country, about which Russian fairy tales speak metaphorically. This evil has come out today. Fear modern Russia! Margarita Rukhkyan

What empty chatter, amazing. Hike there are 2 teams of listeners: cynical juvenile morons and part-time infantils and the Olginsky team of support for the Lubyanka agent who rubs misinformation. Joe Doe

Tired of listening to the same thing. You have already been told, and I will tell you now, sitting abroad you can make fun of people as much as you want. Those who have the Internet have long understood what's what. Come to Russia, take responsibility and convey the truth to everyone, dark, to the last granny. As Lenin in the 17th century without the Internet, he was able to convince. Weak? I know you will ignore ... keep on carrying your truest truth. The same thing every day. Alexander Fomin

Once again, Sasha, thanks for the broadcast, truth, openness and objectivity! in fact, you are the only one left for me, whom I always listen to, under any circumstances and whom I almost unconditionally believe! take care of yourself, family, wife and children! for any person this is, in principle, the most important thing, this is the meaning of a person's life, his family! good luck! Roud

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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Alexander Vladimirovich Sotnik (born 1968) - Russian writer, publicist, performer of obscene yard songs, radio and TV announcer, Youtube video blogger broadcasting about Russia from abroad.

Alexander Sotnik with a microphone interviews passers-by on a Moscow street

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The doctor felt my stomach. You are already pregnant in your fourth year. I'm not gay. Given to go to my mommy. I wanted cucumbers. A doctor with a dead man's murle. You will give birth no worse than the rest. Hated sex. Stared at the pale me. A sore has opened in you. I use a rake.
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Your video articles and recordings of broadcasts are posted here. This is not my site, the Chekists made it. They always work that way. I just waved a glass and now I will answer all your questions. All other sites are fake, created on the Lubyanka.
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