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Alina is not objective and violates logic. On the one hand, she says that everyone had to go to the plebescite in order to arrange pressure on the authorities. On the other hand, she runs into a smart vote, the purpose of which is to triple the pressure to her heart's content. Alina, either put on your panties or take off the cross. Because you are either for this or that, in order to create pressure on the authorities or against this and that. Otherwise it looks like either the Kremlin opinion or the usual hate towards N.

A. Vitukhnovskaya: “having come to the vote and voted no, it was possible to influence morally on the authorities” A. Sotnik: “influenced?” -no, because it should have been done en masse)))))) So if there was a massive boycott and not the recognition of the legitimacy of the vote itself, wouldn't this be a greater positive moral influence on the usurpers and the illegitimate corrupt "elite"? ))) Bulk-well done. And smart voting worked (in elections where the counting is still carried out). The result of this is that some people fell for the shout.

And, at the age of 57, I decided to leave for Germany in 2017 and do not regret it. Although he is a disabled person of 2 groups. What I now have never had in Russia. One had an apartment of 13.8 sq. m., and here I got a free 2-room 56 sq. m. 2nd floor. I receive an allowance 4 times more than I had 9 800 rubles, and the prices for food are not higher than Russian ones. Every week I receive food (bread, flour, vegetables, fruits, dairy and confectionery) for 2 euros. Enough with interest and still distribute to my own. The city pays for my communal apartment. The city paid for furniture, refrigerator, iron, stove, washing, vacuum cleaner, etc. dishes, electric kettle, bedding and dressed for the seasons. All this is at the expense of the city. Brought for free, brought in and installed. I didn't pay for anything. Even the dentures were changed for free, and the quality is incomparable. Free again. As well as medicines. So much for capitalism, as they scared us in schools.

Regarding infantilism, well, I do not agree with you, from the word Completely. I, personally, in my life constantly changed something, both jobs, and husbands, and, leaving a hot place in the administration, broke everything and jumped with a child of 8 years old to the northern capital. And, already here, she raged in full with the "good" Indigenous Petersburgers and their communal apartments. It took 10 years to put my nerves and life in order. But I just come back to the norm of life. And, I perfectly understand a person, how difficult it is to start somewhere after 55. I would, but !!!! My seodse can no longer withstand such loads. And, rightly, your listener, there is nothing to do over the hill without money, these young people can still sleep on the beach, but we, alas ... Just move our children.

Russians call everything Slavic, so that they would then call everything Slav their own! But Muscovy and Russia are the ulus of the Jochi horde and this ulus had only to do with Russia in connection with the seizure of territories! Therefore, the Slavic Kiev and Minsk are sacred for Russia - without them Russia is not a Slavic country in any way! The entire Russian history until 1700 becomes the history of the Golden Horde. If Vanya overgrown the waters - and there he spent the night in your house - then Vanya considers your house to be his - t "and it has always been like this"

Yes, none of us will see a change for the better in Russia, what is it like a little one?)) over there in Venezuela they keep on low popularity, millions of refugees, the power to change the hell. In Iran, for decades, such a regime has ruled like ours - parades, religion, national leaders, a besieged fortress, America is to blame for everything, and so on. - a wish. people of a certain moral organization of a higher one simply will not want to do this, and all the rabble, as in Russia, is in power - they came at once and messed up so many things that the power can no longer be left. Losers and savages do so. and as civilized people do in Europe. the population in Russia is the same savages and ignoramuses in the main.

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