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The stench of Munich - Sotnik TV

The Kremlin has lost its color: Russia has practically returned to PACE, and Donald Trump will most likely meet with Putin in Osaka, and not even “on his feet at the urinal,” but at a civilian table, as in the old days. You can even spread your legs like a male again and dissolve the great power feathers.

On Putin's direct line, I learned that nurses receive 35,000 rubles. But they tell their husbands that they have a salary of 12 thousand. How do you get these lying women to bring their ENTIRE salary home?

Putin's games cost me 20 YEARS NOT life, but survival. Who will give me back my youth when I worked two white jobs. And I did not see any personal life. Personally, I get very angry without any understanding!

Here you are, and Europe is loyal to masochism. Here is Trump, a decisive innovator, it is very regrettable that tyrants like Putin wipe their feet on democracy, everyone understands everything where there is power, there is dictate. Well, you wanted to get a new Adolf and sign ...

When will this all end! When will we receive our percentage of resources! How tired of seeing this fucked up! Apparently to blame is the only way to prosper and develop yourself!

The Kremlin thoroughly corrupts the current “Pepsi generation” and diligently instills that the main thing in life is the essence of clothes, buzz and money !!! The rest doesn't count. And concepts such as "delicacy", "sympathy", "disinterestedness" are the lot of suckers !!! And being a sucker is "not cool !!!" As a result, we have what we have: a generation of moral monsters !!! Vegetables !!! Do you expect moral deeds from them? In vain !!! Our children are taught that we must live just for themselves, but for others they live suckers, worry about others only notorious losers !!! And being a loser is not cool !!! You have to be successful !!! And the whole tragedy is that our children have learned this perfectly !!! a generation that not only does not see the difference between "good" and "bad", not only is not capable of compassion and delicacy, but does not even understand what it is !!! Society is undergoing a radical degradation !!! after he picked up a club, and then when he began to distinguish between the concepts of "good" and "bad !!!" So, gentlemen, I congratulate everyone: homo putinus is growing !!!

Before death, the patient often feels better. His former cheerfulness returns to him, and for a while it seems that the illness has been defeated, the illness is broken and receding, and the patient, who was considered hopeless, is about to recover. The Kremlin has lost its color: Russia has practically returned to PACE, and Donald Trump will most likely meet with Putin in Osaka, and not even “on his feet at the urinal,” but at a civilian table, as in the old days. It will even be possible to spread your legs like a male again and dissolve the great-power feathers, spitting like a thug through your teeth: “Well, what have you wiped, Russophobes? I outplayed everyone again! .. "It seems - a little more, and our" Tavrichesky "will be called back to the" Big Eight ", the sanctions will be lifted along with the cowards and, obsequiously patting on the shoulder, they admit:" Forgive us, Judas sinners. The demon has beguiled, Volodya. Crimea is yours. You suffered for it with all your oligarchic fibers, gills and chakras. And now - bring your offshore flows into us, roll it out with a mighty northern pipe, open the gas valve. European girls lay down and ask. Chamberlain is so grown-up! .. "

The Kremlin is sowing the seeds of chaos. And, if in Europe they do not understand what flirting with the Lubyanka macho can lead to, then they either forgot the lessons of Munich that ended with the Nuremberg exam, or they simply do not believe in the risk of repeating this lesson. The calming postulate - "history repeats itself twice: the first time in the form of a tragedy, the second - in the form of a farce" - is able to play a cruel joke with the European Hegelians. There will be no farce. There will be a fiasco of a whole generation of pampered and cowardly European politicians who have bought into the diamond dust of the St. Petersburg "fraer". Adolf had the Wehrmacht, Vladimir has a magic button, by pressing which the entire civilized world, together with the dreamy Masks, is easily driven into the Stone Age. Adolf could only rave about the "weapon of retaliation" - Vladimir inherited it. Old Ronnie did not suffocate the Soviet beast-lizard, believing that he would die on his own, but he regenerated. Russia drenched itself on a cocktail of oil, gas and propaganda and, sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, believed in the myth of the lost grandeur and the current ability to return it. “We will not stand behind the price, waste it all. Why do we need a planet that does not have Russia? We will go to heaven, and they will simply die. " The main pride of the average Sovkopithek is Putin, who “has already made everyone afraid of Russia,” and the fact that the whole country was plundered under him is “from the mind, they are smart, but you try it yourself, you will not succeed, because you - fool and loser. " The Bolshevik lobotomy ended with a resounding success: the last missing "brace" was implanted into the skull, which is responsible for pride, which turns into uncontrolled aggression through the overwhelming level of religious dogmatism. We don't need anything else: we will eat from garbage dumps, we will strangle each other, write anonymous letters, calculate enemies, but “we will fan the world fire”!

Anyone who raves with rapture about the "beautiful Russia of the future" is either an idiot playing into the hands of Putinism, or a naive person who does not understand anything about the nature of historical processes. Degraded and degraded people cannot have a future, and the figure of 86% "who supported Putin" is only partially mythical. Yes, today Putin is no longer as popular as he used to be, but the idea of ​​"restoring the former Soviet dominance" is still close to the majority. It is on her that the regime rests, it trades in it alone: ​​“And even if you have nothing to wear, and your children will swell with hunger - but all this is for the sake of our common idea, where everyone has their own role. Liza Peskova has her own, Katerina Putina has hers, and your children have a special one. They will be lucky enough to die in the name of achieving a great goal! And let the whole world shudder from our sacrifice, realizing the power of our determination! .. "

The stench of Munich, covering Europe, will respond to it with another expansion of the Kremlin. Putin has no other choice: he needs to start a war, and the sooner the better. It's time to start up a half-starved sovkopithek on militaristic mince, until he thinks of a desperate rebellion. From July 1, the tariffs for housing and communal services and the notorious "Platon" are being raised, which is fraught with an increase in prices for everything. The Bank of Russia sees the risks of a collapse in oil prices to the level of $ 20 per barrel. The "acute phase of the crisis" in the Central Bank's scenario begins in the second half of 2019, and in this case, almost the entire oil industry will have to be rescued, which will inevitably turn into a loss-making one. An economic downturn is already being observed: the composite leading index (SDI) fell in May 2019 from minus 2% to minus 2.4% and was in negative territory for the seventh month in a row. Against this background, the State Duma cuts spending on social policy - by 20 billion 100 million rubles, but increases the cost of maintaining the staff of officials - by almost 1 billion. It was also decided to increase tax collection at the expense of the non-resource sector. Putin decided to undress the Russians completely. He has nothing to lose: the rating falls into the Underworld - so why not drag everyone who hates you there? The Ministry of Finance of Russia has increased the plan for collecting VAT, income tax and fines in respect of legal entities to the federal treasury by 302 billion rubles. The plan for collecting "fines, sanctions and damages" to the state has been increased to 67.8 billion rubles. And in general sotnik.tv: why do you need life if you have no money? What attracts you more: a shameful death in hopeless poverty or a heroic death for an idea? “Rise, arm, win” is not about you. The barricades are nonsense and provocation of "schizophrenic liberals who have sold for a shekel". The Lubyanka - like the Russian Bastille - has stood and will remain forever, laying the burden of a terrible secret on every timid post-scoop. It is more tempting for him to take Berlin again and walk around Prague with tanks. And - by the way - he hasn't played tricks in Paris yet, but yesterday he wanted to go there so much! ..

Meet, Europe, sanctioned Slutsky! And meet yesterday's outcast Putin, Osaka! The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and in the underworld every Putin devil feels at home!

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