The Rise of Propaganda - The Decay of Russia

According to journalist and blogger Andrei Malgin, "the decay of Russia, accompanied by propaganda, will be long and will lead to sad consequences, as in the case of Hitler's Germany." He also commented on the situation in the Kerch Strait, explaining "provocative actions on the part of Ukraine".

Subtle provocation. This is a really good move on the part of the Naval Forces of Ukraine ... Well, the slow-witted, the military, on the part of Russia were led ... It was on this example that the whole world saw how Russia violates all the rules of law and international agreements ... the UN did not even consider their version. .. now 100% of Ukraine will be given much more help ... And on the other hand, there will be new restrictions for Russia from the whole world ... Just look at how many international laws they violated in just 1 day ... Only in the 1st situations .. GOOD TO ALL !!!

Along the way, Ukraine has been provoking the Russian Federation for 27 years, by the very fact of its existence. It should be either a part of the Russian Federation or not anywhere at all. Here is the Russian Federation, always right, peace-loving, its population is God-fearing, in white clothes, and suddenly there is some kind of misunderstanding, Ukrainians, who have completely forgotten that the powerless is always to blame for the strong.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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