The people are not to blame

Sasha! You are confusing cause with effect. A rotten people made a rotten state. Normal peoples have a decent government, no one is spreading rot on anyone, and they do not profit from old people and children. The point is different, if we disappear because of our underdevelopment, then perhaps nature knows better? Don't you think so? Many peoples disappeared, scattered, merged with other nationalities, and through many trials and errors in the ashes arose for the states of genius. The best generals, healers, etc. Evolution does not care where the Centurion lives, for example, but his children will enrich a more civilized culture.

Rashizodia island, in the ocean there is. All covered by the Chekists, Absolutely all. There live unfortunate people, savages. On the face of the Slavic, Horde inside. What they do not, things do not go. Apparently from the unclean, their mother gave birth. They creaked on the poison, the rockets do not fly. The tanks are on parade, they are burning with flames. The General of the National Guard knocks with his fist, the nightingale is on TV, his legs are twisting.

Personally, I answered the question posed for myself. The Russian is part of the system. Anyone who at least once said "krymnash", who handed over a neighbor to cops, who gave or took a bribe, who got a job as an acquaintance, who voted on orders, who accused the United States or someone there of being worthless, who simply told himself that "he can't do anything" - everyone is part of the system. Stalin, of course, is a creature, but who wrote the 4 million denunciations? I made the final conclusion about the Russians when I watched Volnov's stream on Winter Cherry. Then I said that there would be no nichrome, everyone was eating. Kursk, Beslan, Nord-Ost, explosions of houses in 1999. Having watched the film of the old NTV about "Ryazan Sugar", I generally took off, but not from the film, but from the fact that the Russians were eating it. They watched these issues on TV, these cheap signals from the FSB, similar to the fairy tales of today's Petrovs and Boshirovs, and did nothing. For me, Russians are everything. Their song is sung before it starts.

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