The main thing is to preserve dignity - Gozman

Politician Leonid Gozman excludes the likelihood of a large-scale military adventure on the part of the Kremlin, and at the same time admits the theoretical possibility of a palace coup. But how can the average Russian get through the new stagnation of “eternal Putin”?

It's not worth interviewing Gozman. The hardened liberal is quietly creeping away from participating in this power. I like Leonid very much. Whatever programs he takes part in, he is always restrained, never hysterical, does not lose his temper. An intelligent, well-mannered, courageous person. Sasha Sotnik, you have previously tried - and this is very important - to find out from the Russians and show them, first of all, who they are, what real Russia is, what people really think and do: and not just who they pretend to be and what they play. It is necessary that the Russians stop being afraid and pretend to be someone.

On July 15, rallies will be held in the largest cities of Russia against the nullification of the presidential terms of Vladimir Putin. Let's get back our civil dignity. We say "NO!" poverty, arbitrariness of the authorities and, of course, eternal Putin. We must not forget that Gozman is a regular guest of all political shows on the first channels. The same "oppositionist" as Venidiktov and co. Turbid type. In my opinion, Gozman is disingenuous and is himself afraid of tough sanctions from the civilized world. And the sanctions will continue, and for a large jamb, severe sanctions will be introduced. I agree with him by 15-20 percent. Mostly at the end.

This is really so: how long Russia has always existed in this country there was lawlessness, poverty. It was always only for the herons, for the elite, despite the natural resources, the people have always been in poverty. Some kind of bezishodnost, injustice, because there are many other countries where the population lives very well. At least until now.

Putin is a fascist puppet. Behind the Kremlin since the 1970s are German gas pipelines. Only the United States will be able to neutralize the flow of raw materials, deprive the Kremlin of the German currency and devalue the power in Russia. But history will repeat the 90s, if national ruble commodity exchanges are not created.

Gozman is afraid to suffer from sanctions, he "lives here", he did not fly away, he is a patriot, but he does not want to suffer with his homeland, a strange patriot .... not to mention the heroism of the type "I call fire on myself" , that is, readiness to suffer, but together with Mordor, no, he does not want to suffer either himself, or Mordor does not want suffering, this is such a "fighter against evil", well, a typical liberal. And then Gozman constantly burns "our guys", "our troops", "our president", "our special services", etc., that is, all this is his. And why is he dissatisfied if all this is his, "our"?

Alexander, I respect you as a journalist who knows how to present information in a clear and colorful way. The last person you interviewed was worthy, academician Ryzhov. Everything else is slime, to put it mildly: brother chubasya, gnosman "helpmate" chubasya, nightingale, (your one of the last invited from Ukraine, called him a special representative of the AP-shechka), this one with painted lips is a real vampire, fuck is a politician! Do not call me an anti-Semite, as you like to refer sometimes when there are no arguments. I admire your fellow tribesmen: Artyom Borovik, Svyatoslav Fyodorov, General Rokhlin, Boris Nemtsov, and many worthy Jews, it's a pity that these worthy ones are gone ... So invite the smart non-Jews: Demura, Ponasenkov, Fionova and the Jews Garry Kasparov, Khodos and many , many others, but not this disguised evil...

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