The income of Russians collapsed by 22%

The drop in living standards in Russia due to quarantine measures has no analogues in the recent history of Russian statistics. Here's a pretzel! Please treat this with understanding !!! Fuck, if Trump had said so, he would have been carried out of the White House with a wolf ticket in his teeth! Ukrainian breakthrough. Incomes of Ukrainians increased by 22%. There are no unemployed. The country gave a loan to the IMF in the amount of 5 billion dollars.

But in "poor" Ukraine, work for 6-8 thousand UAH (16-21 thousand rubles) in bulk, and food prices are lower. Despite the fact that Ukraine does not sell oil, gas, diamonds, rarely land metals in such volumes as the "great" race.

I don’t understand in any way, but what does he suggest "to wait a little longer"? Will the USA cover the tsunami, or will the volcano in the "yellow stones" wake up and cover the entire continent of North America with ash? Or that you have to "wait a little longer"? That the current billionaires will soon remember their conscience, and return everything they grabbed to the people, and all sorts of law enforcers will write confessions, where, when, they broke ribs, planted drugs, weapons, took bribes, falsified deeds, defrauded "their own", etc. P. Maybe just push you away from power and return power to the hands of the Civil Society represented by the Civil Majority.

And what are we going to break through? The impression is that the chick is talking, ready to hatch and the shell hiding the world from him. And the world in terrible fear slows down this process with all sorts of sanctions. And he even launched the coronavirus so that everyone would calm down and not interfere with the process of giving birth to something new. I would like to hope that there is no talker in the egg.

First, Ohm! You are liars! There has never been, no, and, the funniest thing, there can be no independent media! Secondly, in order for the standard of living to fall, it must be there! Was the standard of living 10 years after the collapse of the USSR among the peoples of Russia robbed to cowards? This level arose after the beginning of Putin's rule. The level is falling.

Sholomonka is not our president. He did everything for his benefit! All the money goes there and the children and property go there. And Russia is a colony with all the signs. There is international terrorism against humanity, and zeroed out ahead of the rest of the planet! Are you silent? So I like it!

We must not forget about the arithmetic progression of "breakthroughs" in the technogenic and housing and communal spheres! The ruins of enterprises that produced or stored SDYAV are scattered throughout the country! One cannot but remember the aging of various nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.!

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