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I am very glad that Roman Pereverzev was also evacuated! Let him rest and breathe in the air of freedom. I can do without scrapopanorama next weekend. I think it's time for all bald Earth to work at uranium mines for gruel. They want a thrill ... !!!

My Internet appeared only in 2012, and I started watching all sorts of issues on YouTube only after 2016 (while I learned how to use the Internet), sorry how much I missed ... But in 2 years I made up for the information that quilted jackets don't even try find out, although they have always had the Internet.

"Babies will die, old people will die." Don't they die now? They die like flies. The other day I read about the murder of premature newborns in the Kaluga region, my hair stood on end! They were left to die because of statistics, they say, the administration does not want to spoil the statistics on mortality among newborns, and they were passed off as stillborns. And so the head doctor, midwife and therapist were acquitted. There is no revolution, no civil war, and people are dying, barely born from the hands of non-humans. This is where we fucking live!

Abandoned premises from private business have appeared in St. Petersburg. In 2005, when we left Russia, the premises could not be taken, all decent points were occupied, but now - please. Here is a clear manifestation of what is happening with small and medium-sized businesses: they are nightmares and ruined. This is Putinomics.

And those who stay will watch the twine of the svolochkovo and listen to the marshal's marches? What will these state @ lyadi be fattening for? Let us all die. The Earth will begin a new cycle. This is the only thing that pleases me, although I am dissolved in the same biomass. I can't leave (my mother is old, lying; who needs us and where?). And I, Sasha, WENT OUT! And ......

I looked at tickets from St. Petersburg to Bulgaria and from Helsinki to Bulgaria. So from St. Petersburg air ticket 15000, and from neighboring Helsinki 5000. So think about how you hang noodles on your ears about fuel prices

Pterodaktels did not suspect that all information about their criminal activities would fill the Internet. An unforgivable mistake for agents 666. They do not want to leave the Stone Age, because only there they can tear the loot to pieces with impunity.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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Alexander Vladimirovich Sotnik (born 1968) - Russian writer, publicist, performer of obscene yard songs, radio and TV announcer, Youtube video blogger broadcasting about Russia from abroad.

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