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Thank you from Israel, sorry for the country, but the people are insane, the majority of them are really brainwashed, from my own experience of communicating with friends and relatives left in Russia, I say that there are practically no sane people left, and these are still educated, intelligent people, but what can I say about the bulk. There was no such rabid propaganda even in Soviet times. It will only come to cotton wool when the grub is really over and then the same 87 percent of adoring people with the same enthusiasm will begin to hate their idol, and then it will not seem enough! Hang on your own gate

Until they begin to hate the regime more than each other (and there are many to hate for that), and do not hit the wall of despair, no one even moves. Therefore, as always, the scenario for Russia promises to be the worst.

Sometimes bare hands and a sea of ​​anger is much more than a bunch of thugs. Anger, that is, perhaps the feeling of hopelessness has not yet been fully revealed. Nothing, Vata will wake up like that in the morning and there is nothing to eat, and in the evening there is nothing, and so for a week and the fuck will be both power and Putin and his thugs.

Александр Сотник

I am very sorry that people who are really worthy are being shut up and squeezed out ... Alexander, please do not be offended by the COUNTRY, it's just that the so-called "power" has gotten to the so-called "power".

The Internet is unlikely to be shut down, Do not worry. This is already technically impossible. The network is very seriously integrated into the economy, which is already holding on to a straw. A huge decentralized infrastructure has been built. Should they collect everything and make a single point of failure? Unrealistic.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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