So who are you, Sasha Sotnik?

Alena Denisova

Hi, I accidentally stumbled upon one of your reports, where you start with the murder of Russian fatalists in Central Africa, ride on Wagner and get stuck for a long time on the bastards Putin, whose goal is either to save Russia, or to fill it up - well, you bastard, in short, obsessed only with her power and kissing boys in the navel.

I looked in Google - there is no information about you, you have 365,000 subscribers.

The material is convincing, with your logo, which is good, and the music is appropriate

I liked that you bring down Navalny (sorry for the involuntary rhyme)

So who are you, Sasha Sotnik? Where does the budget for such reports come from with so many free subscribers?

Thank you for your answer (I am writing to you from France, where I live and work for 27 years, I come from Moscow)

Yes, I subscribed to you, Interesting.


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Sasha Sotnik with glasses

Alexander Sotnik

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