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The country is filled with red-brown concrete. In this mixture everything will be dissolved and mixed. Thieves and terpily, executioners and their victims will merge into a single mass and, passing through the mixer of the state machine, will acquire a single fascist consistency.

Today they began to promote a vaccine against the coronavirus allegedly invented by Russian scientists. Apparently they decided to raise the patriotic spirit! Soon we will faint from hunger, but we will know that we saved the world.

Alexander Sotnik, you are a real Master! I admire your work. After watching the next video, I ask myself: can your style be even sharper? But every time it is sharper and tougher. Bravo, Maestro!

If they supported (rallies of thousands) Khabarovsk in other large cities of the Russian Federation, it would be of use. And so the authorities will strangle everyone one by one. To intimidate the population of the country, they will now begin to catch active protesters and hand them prison terms or huge fines!

All these African, Syrian and Caucasian adventures are of course very interesting forever. I didn’t play enough as a child. But what will Vova tell his electorate and the siloviki if the Turks really hang him with pussies? Are you not afraid to end up like Nikolai II?

I'm wondering what Volodya is trying to do? How does he see his future life? After all, ahead of him is the verdict on the downed Malaysian Boeing on July 17, 2014. Does he really think that he will stay until his death? Yes, and when death comes to him, he will give her money so that she does not take him with her?

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Сотник Александр Владимирович (род. 1968) - российский писатель, публицист, исполнитель нецензурных дворовых песен, диктор радио и телевидения, видеоблогер Youtube, ведущий из-за границы о России.

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Врач пощупал мой живот. Вы уже беременны на четвертом году жизни. Я не гей. Давно к маме. Хотела огурцы. Врач с мурлом мертвеца. Вы родите не хуже остальных. Ненавистный секс. Смотрел на бледного меня. В тебе открылась язва. Пользуюсь граблями.
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