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Don't throw labels like "Furgal is a populist?" Find Zhirinovsky's speech in the State Duma in November 2019 on YouTube.There he says about pressure on him to leave the party, said that a confessionary statement to Furgal was beaten out of some prisoner. No, Furgal is the people's governor. I reviewed a bunch of reports from the Khabarovsk media, by the way, hostile to Furgal, but they could not hide the obvious fact: Furgal works for the people, and the people pay him with love and gratitude. You can find everything on the Internet and figure it out yourself. There is a video of bloggers from Khabarovsk who ask questions to ordinary Khabarovsk residents.

Sorry for a girl with a temperature. The ambulance does not pick up, and now what to do. Home to die? If there are no doctors in the city, then you need to attract military doctors, paramedics (as in America) or take them to another city.

There are many (I think) single elderly people on the Sotnik TV site. Well, I left the link. What's next? She looked, looked, blinked, and closed. At least there was a detailed instruction, or someone would teach on your current site. Isn't it possible to allocate some minimum time for training?

At the end of the video, it became clear that the Rosgvardia should have its own transport aircraft for the transfer of their unyielding battalions from Moscow to any point in 12 hours to neutralize the screaming marginals. At any moment, a one-time transfer of 5-10 thousand soldiers to the Caucasus, Khabarovsk or Vladivostok may be required.

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