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Russia will wake up after Belarus - Solovey

According to political scientist Valery Solovy, the example of awakened Belarus will make Russia start to get excited, which is already beginning to rise on the example of Khabarovsk. The expert believes that the Putin regime has not long to be ferocious.

So many times the Nightingale predicted revolutions. But nothing happened. Nothing will happen this time either. The nightingale will subside slightly, but by spring it will again begin to predict disasters and pogroms with pathos. That's right, the judiciary must go to trial, just like all chairmen of election commissions. The deadline should be maximum!

M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin: "The Russian people love to rebel! Kneel in front of the manor's house and stand, scoundrels! And they know that they are rebelling, and they still stand!" Centuries have passed, but in Russia nothing has changed for the better, just as the serf servants were in Russia, they remain in the RF today.

Why is it that the American establishment has been worried for 4 years and will not understand why Trump goes into a trance after meeting with the GDP? It seems that everything is simple, most likely a tramp agent of the KGB, there is a dossier on him since Soviet times on a gray-brown cardboard card, the existence of which he is reminded of.

What order in Belarus is in everything - Russians never dreamed of (with the exception of Moscow), and even then, Minsk will give it a head start in cleanliness, So I don't know what else the Belarusians want to improve: The work is complete (all factories, plants and agriculture are functioning, The roads are gorgeous Super quality food and normal prices, Transport is modern, clean, works by the minute (public) Utility bills are ridiculous prices Families with three children are given an apartment for free, The facades of the houses have been repaired, Gorgeous parks Flowers everywhere and a huge army of janitors High quality self-produced manufactured goods, Friendly and calm residents, Yes, and high-level medicine.

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