Roller Kamikaze and lawyers

Good day! There is a request / question of the following nature: Background. Roller kamikaze 10/05/17, rollers of the proactive and other opposition ... Essence. People, lawyers, cannot clearly explain, specifically voice, etc., what is violated by this or that representative of the authorities in uniform and without. What punishment is provided for illegal actions to the performer in uniform and his superiors. If there is a physical mess ... what actions can be taken by participants and witnesses. What further actions need to be taken. What and in what form of punishment can be required in relation to participants abusing their position (suspension for professional incompetence, administrative, criminal, etc.) I think the essence of my question is clear. The rain published how to behave during the arrest, but that's not it. Need a quick memo in mass access. I think many perpetrators of arbitrariness will be besieged by this, if, of course, in "our" law there are adequate penalties for arbitrariness. I would also like to know what the constitution of the Russian Federation is. On what basis "we" choose the president, whether the president is president after not fulfilling the oath on it. Are anti-constitutional laws and requirements legitimate? What actions can I take in relation to laws, requirements and persons that violate my constitutional rights ... I need the opinion of a college of legal experts. Thank you for your attention and reply.

Vasya, Shchelkovo

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