Rabbit in the oven - Sasha Sotnik

Now the United States can easily flood the planet with hydrocarbons, lowering the price on them as much as they want. The Putinomist cannot withstand such a blow. In other words, both the gas pipe and the oil Koscheev needle are now entirely in the hands of the Americans.

Cartoon rockets, holes from ships, "living" robots - everything is fake. And no one is even surprised. Only the money for all these toys is real from our pockets. It began to reach the EU that Europe itself finances the war against Russia against them, Ukraine and other civilized and uncivilized world! I did not consider BUT, according to some analysts, about 70% (60% oil and gas and 10% other minerals) of Mordor's money is Europe (for raw materials)!

Here is the impression that these 2 carcasses were sent to Venezuela for cocaine, which, by the way, was already paid from the pocket of Russian pence. So it is safer than even by diplomatic mail no one will check it. What the hell is the greatness of the demonstration of coke and grandmother, that's the whole idea. Sasha is great, BRAVO, as always, oh, how I would like the dick to hear all this, I imagine his botox face, maybe like a TOAD cracked, Lord hear our prayers, save us from the hateful butt

The time of war is over. Now is the time of economic wars. And Pynka is our economically losharik. It's bad only the people will suffer again because of the bald undersized. And why should someone be interested in our Putin. This is how it should be? Well, the fact that domestic suckers are so 1000% are we gentlemen! This is not a rabbit, this is a botox schizophrenic butt with a Napoleon complex from which it stinks with a scoop in its worst understanding. 

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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Alexander Vladimirovich Sotnik (born 1968) - Russian writer, publicist, performer of obscene yard songs, radio and TV announcer, Youtube video blogger broadcasting about Russia from abroad.

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