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The Stalinist Soviet Union ceased to be Hitler's ally. We remember what it turned into. Fascist propaganda is alive. Life ends with death. The current fascist leader. Lies at the state level. Do not watch Putin's straight, curved lines. The main conclusion is that Putin is not the real one.

This is no longer a lie, a lie was at the beginning of his term of office, now it is an impudent, open-ended lie. He is shown an "orange" and everyone sees it, and he claims that it is a "banana" and an "orange" - it's fake. Except for hatred and abomination, this filthy hypocritical show did not cause anything, no, it did cause vomiting.

I recall with horror how I lived without the Internet in my head there was such a dissonance that I could not understand why on TV one thing and another in life, and only thanks to such bloggers as the Centurion and some others began to open their eyes.

I don’t care about his rating, he put a huge country and its citizens in a shameful pose, in front of the entire world audience, it is impossible to forgive this and we will fix it very harshly!

Sasha Sotnik, the Kremlin bots do not have a plan, but cocaine, if you remember the recent cocaine scandal in Argentina with the participation of the Russian Embassy. So for the whole world, the Russian Federation looks like a state drug cortel. So, having sniffed, they make inadequate decisions.

My Kyrgyz friends are very respectful and praise Putin. He gave them Russian citizenship, they all have many children, they live in Moscow, they all have a bunch of benefits, social cards, now there will be also preferential mortgages ... and I still have some vacation payments for children ... up to 120 tr per year ... Indigenous Russians envy in silence ...

Alexander Sotnik! !!! .... what are you talking about "comrade" Shoigu and his flying cats, I don't quite agree with that. ..... The point is that the coke from Argentina that Patrushev did not bring to Russia !!!!! ... it was still a quality product. ... It's scary to imagine what Shoigu is now using after these statements! !!!...@

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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Alexander Vladimirovich Sotnik (born 1968) - Russian writer, publicist, performer of obscene yard songs, radio and TV announcer, Youtube video blogger broadcasting about Russia from abroad.

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