Putin quotes cult of cash

I am watching Two-Faced Putin. All such a correct, great patriot makes speeches about his concern for the people. Another Putin is the enemy of Russia, the destroyer and destroyer of Russia, the robber from the high road. Here is a woman well done. Will crawl and crawl will vote for Putin. It is necessary to get so drunk, and in fact a pensioner. It’s not vodka anymore, it’s the Khantimansi fly agarics crawled from all cracks.

The first time I heard all the statements of Putin (it is a lot of honor to call them QUOTES) and was horrified! Yes, he is a real and complete URKA. I've never heard such expressions! Puzya Pu is an indicator of the extreme degradation of the country's population. Below there are only caves and stone axes, but the surrounding peoples will not allow living in caves, which will more rationally manage the resources of the earth, and savages (at best for them) go to the zoo, as a model for young people, how it is impossible to live.

Tereshkova and Rodnina are already clearly experiencing dementia, we threw ourselves back in the days of even Stalin, and Ivan the Terrible, judging by the conditions in which they live in the Siberian outback and not only Siberian. Soon all more or less educated people will simply leave this country, as a result of which the country will be somewhere in the 17-19 centuries in terms of development, the ball and shvonders that will remain in the country will simply not be able to create anything technologically advanced.

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