Putin is preparing terrible - Lozman

Politician Leonid Gozman told why he filed an application with the RF IC against citizen Putin, and what is the reason for Putin's “impatience” in the matter of an early “zeroing out” ... Watch the interview on the Sotnik.TV website. Lord, how scary everything is. You refuse to believe in what is happening. A terrible dream, but unfortunately it really happens. How to stop all this obscurantism. How you want a normal quiet life for everyone.

About peaks falsification as well as official data. All lies. And the continuation of the performance. But Gozman took advantage of this lie and crushes. Well done!!! There is no logic in the actions of Bald. Fools would rather understand..

People don't have their own heads? What prevents you from going to the polling stations at all and not going to the parade and not letting these walkers with boxes to their apartments and houses. And how many stupid people who want to go and vote are against, how not to understand, if they call, do not go!

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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