Putin as a threat - Yunus

According to political scientist Ramis Yunus, the challenges voiced by V. Putin have for some time begun to be taken more seriously in the West than before. At the same time, until the administration is replaced in the White House, it would be wrong to expect any drastic steps and statements.

He lies through the word, but he just opened his mouth and lies. it is proved that Russia had no influence on the elections in America. How much can you lie? Trump is the best president since Regan, but Obama, Clinton and Putin were in cahoots. Why doesn't he talk about it? It looks like the Centurion is a mishandled Cossack, and crushes his great-grandparents, that's why he invites talkers. Shame!

Having lived here in America for quite a few years, I can confidently say that, in my opinion, Ramis is the most objective, adequate, and competent, with knowledge and understanding of intra-American specifics, a political observer, of those who appear in programs on Sotnik TV ... I say this with all due respect to Piontkovsky, Borovoy, and other permanent political scientists and analysts who take part in the review of Russian-American issues.

Mister Centurion, your speaker looks like a pretty smart person today. But even this smart person does not understand that there is no problem of Artsakh (not Karabakh). There can be no negotiations on Artsakh, why don't you people understand this? Artsakh is Armenia, and Armenia is Artsakh, it's that simple. Your expert cannot remember that this part of the land was seized by Turkish and communist criminals from Armenia and transferred to the newly created entity, the state of Azerbaijan. Now he is back to where he really belongs and will be there forever. There is nothing to discuss or negotiate here.

The commentator, of course, is not bad, but this vomit leftism is just getting out of it. "Everyone agreed that Trump became president thanks to Russian intelligence." Seriously? That is, no one found anything, the Democrats dug and dug for two years - they did not dig up anything, and this scarecrow from New York knows everything, replaced the verdict of the court. Well, okay, cho, the left hysterical Jew can be taken out of the scoop, but the scoop can never be taken out of it. In any case - thank you so much, call Yuri Tabakh and Leon Weinstein more often - it is also required without fail.

One of the key questions is who could be more effective in restraining Putin's foreign policy ambitions after the US elections. All the same, the annexation and war on Ukrainian territory began under a Democrat in the White House, and under Trump, more or less the Kremlin has not advanced anywhere. Was this in spite of or thanks to Trump?

Hospadi, teach history please. Well, okay, I do not blame the person, for ethnic reasons he cannot think otherwise in the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. Thanks to the Soviet Union, which did not understand the issues of territories - gave away the lands of small states to the right and to the left. Well, a lot of money poured in by the rich state of Azerbaijan to lobby its positions and sow the grain of its all-encompassing rightness in this matter. The issue must be resolved peacefully, every day people are dying on both sides. And large states use this conflict as a mothballed switch, which at any moment is ready to lead to the detonation of the entire region.

The saddest thing is that we Ukrainians did not choose the president of Ukraine ... we chose the enemy of our country ... this silent, and indifferent to Ukraine about the racial bastard launched into our country the scum that previously served Yanukovych, adopts laws as on race, destroys the country's defense, and is now going to declare a default for the whole country ... I don't understand why we continue to endure the actions of this green creature...

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