People are tired of power changes

Hello Sasha. In a poll about elections and candidates in Moscow, I carefully evaluated the responses of all the citizens surveyed and came to one conclusion that most of the respondents are being discussed from the point of view of their own benefit. This is the result of what the people have now. The point is not who will be the ruler of the country. As the saying goes, one in the field is not a warrior, not much depends on him. In my opinion parliament DOES NOT WORK. The fact that YouTube videos about corruption of officials are being played, for the most part, falls on the shoulders of the Edinaros, from whom there is no sense. In my opinion, the disagreement between the Communist Party and the Liberal Democratic Party makes it possible for the lawlessness that exists in our country. It's time for them to take up their minds and think with joint efforts to raise the country, regardless of what the party will be called. It is correct to vote for Vladimir Putin. You need to force it to work correctly, and not start from scratch. Enough is enough. The people are really tired of power changes. Best regards Garik Marutyan Volgograd


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