Patriot Mashkov has a villa in Los Angeles

It's amazing that they all have the same expression on their faces, "sincere" lies are so rushing out of their shameless eyes! This is already a way of life and criteria for the existence of a large Russian feeder! They will stuff fat, botox cheeks with everything they can from the trough and go to the USA and Western countries, posing as aristocrats and Noblemen, spitting on ordinary people, despising and renouncing them!

And more. Neither the United States nor Europe forced them to bulldoze vegetables and fruits. Sausages and cheeses. Think those Hyperboreans. And further. As long as on RFii men will silently record on their phones how garbage is being taken to their women and children, everything will continue. We need to take this with panic!

Here she is, our elite in Los Angeles, they say one thing, but do another, they take an example from the king, understanding perfectly well, people will eat, and then they will buy and love tickets for performances and concerts. What a horror, even more horror, that the majority believes in it. Have you counted how much your like and comment costs for the channel? After that, I think, if you are smart enough, many will shut up. You are not a protest for them, but money.

Lekha Navalny Mashkova coolly oparaffin, and Barmaleyka finally rolled him into asphalt. The whole Trutin circle is double liars, hypocrites and greedy criminals and collaborators! The United States and Europe should impose sanctions against all relatives of officials, deputies, ministers, senators, effective managers and the king. Then they will have the same income declarations: a house in a village, an apartment of 20 sq.m. and Niva 1986!

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