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Five hundred ninety-four spies have been caught or rendered harmless on the territory of Mother Russia recently. This was announced by the Scout of All Russia, Putin. The spies roamed and sniffed, looked out and recorded - in a word, they swarmed in our open spaces. No more. A keen eye saw, a tenacious hand grabbed. Not a single supersonic swing of top-secret missiles swung into enemy territory. Everyone stayed here - to fly in the sniffed imagination of the Kremlin Superdwarf. From now on, He and His Hallucinations are the main weapon of Russia. "Edrosnya" continues to actively merge, replicating the truly wild statements of its adherents. The Volgograd deputy Hasan Nabiev called the pensioners living on a pension of 8 thousand rubles as parasites and drunks - and immediately boiled over.

“We share the just outrage of people. With just one phrase, the Volgograd deputy humiliated many of our fellow citizens, ”said Yevgeny Revenko, deputy secretary of the party's general council, guardian of party ethics. Of course, he humiliated. He, like anyone else, knows who to humiliate. Not Abramovich, who continues to systematically withdraw money from the mournful territory. Not the Rotenberg brothers and not the Chaikin kids - they can be rolled into the asphalt or bury in the trash. “If you don’t have money, don’t live, no one asks you. Less people - more oxygen! " - this is the motive of the cattle who occupied the power in Russia, which now cannot be insulted. The State Duma in the third reading adopted the Law on Punishment for “Disrespect for the Authority”. Now, for harsh statements about the regime, from which it will be sick, you can get a substantial fine or even a real term. The offender will be able to confiscate the subject of an administrative offense. It's time to rip out tongues and chop off fingers. Maybe it’s better to immediately plant on a stake? One question remains: what to do with Lavrov now? This glorious pet of the Foreign Ministry stable long ago defined the degree of the regime's moronicity in one phrase that has become a classic. And in general - the impression that of the living classics in Russia, only Lavrov remained. Although - no. Putin, and only he, like an erotic dream, captivates women, men and young patriots with his bulges, emitting an intolerable light from the top of a fragrant heap of shit and steam.

Medvedev paraded across Luxembourg - so that half of the city was blocked. And they did the right thing, because a hungry Medvedev is unrealistically scary: he might bite a couple of townspeople on the way to the restaurant. Know ours! Fear, the cursed and rotting West! But no, not everyone is still afraid. Zuckerberg said that Facebook will not store user data in countries where human rights and free speech are violated. Finally, it will be possible to cover up this hostile enclave of free-thinking, replacing it with some kind of FSBuk. This is convenient: I wrote the post, confessed to a comrade major, and received atonement from the priest with a virtual cross in a chaise. By the way, if only Putin remains in the country, it's time for all Russians to adopt his surname, turning it into a nationality. Remove from the language all words except "Putin". All culinary dishes, including bread, salt and buckwheat, should be called "Putin". Rename breakfast, lunch and dinner to Putin. “And for Putin, we have Putin,” both during the day and in the evening. And all firms in the country should be called only so, and not otherwise. And rename the country. Why do you need the Cheburashka network? Putirashka - and try to argue ...

All-Russian madness covers everyone and everyone. This is especially clear from the outside, which is understandable: being inside the madhouse, being involved in the cycle of general psychopathy, it is impossible to soberly assess what is happening. It turns out, as in the case of the oppositionist Baronova, who changed her shoes: the famous psychopath seems to have psychos all around. It is impossible to give an objective assessment of the smell when you have already sniffed and got used to it. And then there are propaganda sirens turned on to the fullest - so that sanity is simply excluded. The perception of what is happening to one degree or another is distorted for everyone: for those who “drown for Vovochka,” and for their furious opponents. "Ax Negoro" under the compass led "Confusion" not to the iceberg, but to the black hole of the collector, where this vessel is slowly sucked, leaving no chance to change course. Just down into the sewers of History. In the process of absorbing "Confusion" by waves of shit, other passengers begin to remember the recipes of grandfather's cocktails, after which they even throw them - as happened the other day in Krasnoyarsk, where two citizens threw bottles with a combustible mixture at the city hall. But this is not a protest at all, but striking with a match on a sinking deck. The bulk of the population is still crawling on all fours and, raising their hands to heaven, heart-rendingly pleads: "Little Johnny, have mercy! .." - and continues rummaging through garbage cans in search of delays.

He will not have mercy, because he is an insignificant and helpless creature, and everything that has been stuck on top of him is brilliant metaphors and laudatory epithets - the fruits of sycophancy of the environment and violent imagination of political strategists. Randomness raised to the level of absurdity and multiplied by personal zero is what Putin is. And if he is forever "not to blame" - then why is he needed at all? Probably in order to lie until he throws up everyone and everything. About "swings" and spies, about statistical growth and upcoming breakthroughs - until it breaks through in all directions and carries away into a bottomless hole. And when this boat is sucked into the quagmire of nothingness, a fatty substance will bubble on the surface. And this will also be Putin. Your. Not sinking. Eternal.

As always tart, precise, capacious and far-sighted. (. The madhouse continues, the whole edresnya stinks, her lackeys, along with the bald one, stink all over the planet. A terrible dream in reality, the product of the substances of the USSR, which did not learn to move their convolutions. This bastard got sick. therefore, pensions do not need to be raised at all ha ha ha what do you want quilted jackets to do back to the USSR

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