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Atavism, which has not been eradicated in the XX century, is ready to encroach on the model of the entire world order - even at the cost of a nuclear catastrophe. But in vain does the Levada Center frighten the world with Stalin's shadow. There is no smell of Stalin's pipe smoke in the Kremlin. The nuclear stench of an uncouched cigarette butt reigns there.

Any of the radical predictions necessarily stumbles upon a rational "cannot be". “Putin will stay in the Kremlin for 20 years” - “it can't be!”; “Russia will fight Georgia” - “Nonsense!”; "... and with Ukraine" - "go, get medical treatment!"; "A fight against food will begin in Russia" - "urgently to a psychiatrist!"; "Russians will be disconnected from the world Internet" - "it's impossible!" Let's mark this point: we are here now. And rationalist debaters continue to foam, proving to pessimistic realists the futility of fighting 21st century technology. In this case, they are helped by the example of the battle between Roskomnadzor and Telegram. The impression that this operation was carried out and publicized specifically in order to put the arguments of the failure of mass blocking into the heads of Russians. Meanwhile, on November 1, Russia will find itself in an information cave, and this is already a law passed in three readings. The country is being turned, if not into the DPRK, then into northern Iran, but with the nuclear arsenal inherited from the USSR. And further scenarios range from a long decay to a radical collision with the West - up to the use of this arsenal. At the same time, the alarming scenario outlined in Andrei Piontkovsky's article "The Second Coming" seems, oddly enough, the most realistic.

Historically, Russia has always chosen the most creepy and irrational options: from regicide to the return of the KGB pet to the Kremlin. The chain of events in recent years leaves no doubt: Putin has embarked on a course for the restoration of the USSR within the boundaries that are optimal for the regime. The Kremlin is ready to devour as much as it can digest. And this is his rationality. The main goal is to gain a foothold in power for the longest possible period, to mothball the system and pupate - so as to minimize external influences, both technological and ideological. Special operation "Whoever doesn't like it - bring down!" coming to its logical conclusion, the time is coming for the conservation and final mutation of the country into a neo-Gulag with the formation of a tough ideological and repressive structure, which will be based on the principle “only cohesion and absolute closeness will guarantee Russia's survival in the face of modern challenges.

For the reconstruction of the USSR 2.0, Putin needs to start the process of annexing the territories of Ukraine and Belarus. Kazakhstan has already entered the sphere of interests of China, and Moscow will not achieve practical success in this area, and it is unlikely to risk it. The absorption of the "primordially fraternal territories", from the point of view of the Kremlin strategists, can be carried out in different ways: from interference in elections with the use of special provocations and terrorist attacks to a hybrid invasion. Given the negative background of perception of Russia in the international arena and the increasing sanctions, Putin does not have much time for territorial expansion: from one to three years. The Kremlin mercilessly "squeezes" financial resources from the population, protests are not afraid of it, the National Guard is well fed and ready to fight back. In addition, propaganda continues to iron the brains of citizens, instilling the idea of ​​the worthlessness of resistance and cultivating infantilism, seasoned with a dose of fear of the regime and hatred of fictional enemies. At the same time, the psychological feeling among the population is initially correct: Russia is indeed under the threat of occupation. But it is not the conditional West that occupies it, but its own gangster special oligarchy: those same 3%, who have concentrated in their hands most of the country's financial assets.

After disconnecting Russia from the world Internet, it will be logical to return the permissive system for citizens to travel abroad. Foreign tourism is a stupid luxury for a state that is violently mutating towards totalitarianism. Nobody is going anywhere, everyone should stay where they are. It is only necessary to carry out nationalization, and in this matter, Putin will be helped by the special operation "Renovation of Russia", as a result of which citizens will be finally deprived of the right to property. The country should belong only to representatives of the regime, all resources will be accumulated “at the top” and distributed taking into account strategic interests.

The main interest is in the restoration of the "second pole". And let it be the "Evil Empire", but dear, terrible and independent. The main humiliation for Putin is that no one in the world takes his Empire seriously. It is a fact: the share of Russia in world GDP fluctuates within 3%. But the terrorist Putin strategically sees the prospects of power in a completely different plane: in the ability to destabilize the situation anywhere in the world. Moreover, playing on raising the stakes in a nuclear party, he may run the risk of a collision with NATO. This will become a de facto claim for the return of the USSR 2.0 to the league of "geopolitical players". The price of the issue is millions of lives of Europeans, because the drawing of the “nuclear application” will take place right here: on the territory of Ukraine, or in the Baltic countries. Putin needs to take revenge for the defeat in the Cold War, and for this he may risk unleashing a “local hot” one in which the Patrushev Doctrine allows the use of tactical nuclear weapons. The main question is: will the collective West decide on a nuclear rebuff if this card is played by the Kremlin? After all, the Europeans have something to lose. They are accustomed to a measured and well-fed life, and the Russians have nothing to lose: they are mired in fear and poverty, and the terrible choice "Evil Empire or Paradise" from the point of view of a free person is understandable and acceptable to them.

Atavism, which has not been eradicated in the XX century, is ready to encroach on the model of the entire world order - even at the cost of a nuclear catastrophe. But in vain does the Levada Center frighten the world with Stalin's shadow. There is no smell of Stalin's pipe smoke in the Kremlin. The nuclear stench of an uncouched cigarette butt reigns there.

The old bald fart is completely out of his mind. And he looks like a shriveled, filthy dwarf. No matter how much you pull your face, no one has canceled the sclerosis of the cerebral vessels. Only in "great-spiritual" Russia can a harmless Jehovah's Witness be imprisoned and proudly show on TV the satanic Sabbath of witches in the center of Moscow, held in support of the president!

To avoid stinking, you need to extinguish the butt, but where and how - it doesn't matter, even in the toilet! Comrades, how long can you endure this stench? We must learn to clean up after ourselves! Put out your cigarette butt, please! ))) "I must express my sad look at the Russian person - he has such a weak brain system that he is not able to perceive reality as such. For him there are only words. His conditioned reflexes are coordinated not with actions, but with words." P. Pavlov, academician, Nobel laureate. 

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