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PU-Bald decided to ruin the country. In the west - only enemies, in the east - friends to whom it is scary to turn your back. Inside - landfills, hell knows what kind of waste, from which people die, sky-high prices and taxes. And from the generous king with the boyars - permission to collect dead wood, moss (for food) and hunt with a bow. YES! Now I know for sure - I live in a superpower ?!

The Kremlin's cigarette butt will destroy the country, it remains a little for him to push! The slaves are now obedient, because many people care about the lantern, what the oligarchs have in mind to free the territory from the population! Only the unification of all opposition forces into one powerful fist can change the course of Russian history!

The regime is defending itself as best it can. The main thing The people must be kept in check. Propaganda, external threats. If the regime used to kill with a bullet, now it is killing the brain with inverted logic. Lingering. The mode wants to survive. This is war. Informational but still war. Let's support each other. Thanks to the Centurion!

Pugabe wants to be like in Korea: to be the navel for all Russian citizens, for neighbors, so that everyone is afraid that runners run for cars ... The smaller the person, the more majestic he wants to appear. I can imagine how much information needs to be processed, then the correct and in broadcasting objective information, here really the head will go. Alexander hold on!

Alexander, there is something in the idea of ​​Being or, but your skepticism is justified, because apart from mutual joy and smiles that we are all good, let's advertise each other, nothing will happen. There was just a temporary wave of euphoria from the rearrangement of (certainly large-scale) subscribers. But the wave will pass, so what? I admire that you dared to honestly express your position on this matter and did not succumb to this massive mainstream blind joy.

I love and admire, I just love - Nevzorov Alexander Glebich, Shenderovich Victor Anatolyevich and Sotnik Alexander !!! Smart, erudite, bold, daring, different from the main, gray mass. Thank them very much, health and strength! My friend! Remembering Artek ... Somewhere in the late 50s, we, the students, were shamelessly forced to raise 10 chickens over the summer and get a fabulous opportunity to get to Artek! I, all summer, nurtured a flock of chickens, and, with pride, by September 1, handed them all over to their destination! Naturally, I did not get to Artek ... This was my first conscious grievance against injustice and deception of the STATE!!!

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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Alexander Vladimirovich Sotnik (born 1968) - Russian writer, publicist, performer of obscene yard songs, radio and TV announcer, Youtube video blogger broadcasting about Russia from abroad.

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