Long century in anticipation of a cliff

It is necessary to forbid Putin to read the Messages without cartoons, otherwise there is nothing to discuss. Is that his slip of the tongue about the "way out" of the Russians. Although - what is this a reservation? For once, I dropped a piece of truth: the people are dying out! In 2018, the death rate in Russia exceeded the birth rate by 218 thousand people. And the Kremlin was concerned: why would it be? The country is flourishing and earning, money - the chickens do not bite, and the people are slowly leaving orbit and buried in the globe. Some kind of national socialism is obtained, as court sports major Tina Kandelaki correctly noted after Putin's speech. True, then for some reason she apologized, but in vain: in the country, indeed, KGB fascism is raging. Grinds agricultural holdings, rowing investment businesses, pulverizing and loosening everything that worked yesterday at the very least. And Putin, standing on the podium, is almost crying from impotence. It turns out that the security forces do not obey him! Even Kudrin states: "The FSB does not follow the instructions of the president." And also - the Prosecutor's Office “throws it over the hip”, “muddy structures” are spitting in the eyes, and the grumbling below is ready to go from a half-whisper to a hungry howl. So Putin started talking about "saving people". Of course, this humane song should be interpreted exactly the opposite, because after fifteen minutes, having sobbed for the Russians, the “breadwinner” began to threaten everything alive with nuclear war. It was then that it was necessary to start up the animation in order to mix schizophrenia - in the hall they would only have a grunt. But the Administration considered such special effects an overkill. If you hold on, then everyone! An abscess raves about a breakthrough - let him finish this Hamlet monologue! Increase the satellite constellation! Reach Mach 9 and surpass the 1913 level! Everyone should stand, tremble, be afraid: it will suddenly burst right now, but where and where - no one knows! ..

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has already encountered a price breakout and explained where the new zeros come from. It turns out that "food prices must rise in order for producers to receive adequate profits and invest in production development." Meanwhile, over 11 months of 2018, the share of imported chicken in the Russian market decreased from 5% to 4.5%. Brazil reduced supplies by 32 thousand tons, Argentina - by 8 thousand tons, although these losses were partially compensated for by increasing supplies from Belarus. From 2017 to 2019, the Rosselkhoznadzor consistently introduced restrictions against 19 Brazilian chicken producers, but in the context of the food embargo on products from Europe and the United States, there is nothing to replace it with. You will be surprised, but the population does not care. Even in St. Petersburg, which experienced a terrible famine during the Second World War, residents swear allegiance to the "party and government", supporting the destruction of sanctioned products. And you start to believe that these "can repeat".

If the system degrades, then it hits the population much more painfully, even without taking into account the propaganda dust, with which the brains of Russians have been abundantly processed for decades. Any adequate assessment of what is happening is perceived in the madhouse as a hostile cry that must be drowned out immediately. The Internet, according to Putin, is an invention of the Western special services. “They sit there and everyone listens, see and read what you are saying, and accumulate defense information,” said a man who does not even understand how a computer works. Russia, according to Putin, must create an autonomous Internet - "such segments that do not depend on anyone." “This is perfectly obvious,” Putin said. “And technologically, of course, this can be done.” How exactly - he did not specify. But according to last year's attempts to block Telegram, a general impression of government methods can be made: if the “hands-ons” decide to self-isolate, they shut down until some warhead accidentally soars up, and no one will understand how it happened and where, in fact, did it fly?

All this would be funny if it were not for the nuclear buttons in the paws of degenerates. It is because of their presence that civilized countries are still paying international attention to Russia. If it were not for the warheads - this territory of cannibals, who defend the sovereign right to cannibalism, would have long been surrounded by a thorn, preventing any attempt to stick their muzzle through the crack. And so far there is nothing else to do but wait: when the last rocket of the "Sovcopithecus" rots, and the thieves Rogozins will be pulled apart by the cogs by the last engine. The stages of the country's self-destruction are clearly visible even on official figures: while the level of income of the population has been falling for the fifth year in a row, the Federal Tax Service is optimistically reporting an increase in fees from individuals - by 44.7%. Here is the answer to the question: why, given the obvious growth of state indicators, the people are erased with an eraser? And from the fact that it is impossible to survive in such conditions. Quoting the same Putin: “It's as simple as an orange. 6 went to mind, 7 went crazy. " So they go - first crazy, then - into the coffin from a distance.

Immersion in the Stone Age is accompanied by life-affirming talk about the "golden age" of Putinism. Russia practically stopped the export of gold to the world market amid massive purchases of gold by the Central Bank, which is filling its reserves under pain of US sanctions. In the thieves' elite, gold is considered an anti-sanction panacea: physical bullion cannot be seized, such as currency, a third of which the Central Bank keeps on deposits in foreign banks, or securities that are also held in depositories abroad. And for the sake of prolonging its "golden age", this group of people, who listened to their own guarantor in Gostiny Dvor, is ready to plunge the country anywhere - even to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

And let the leader grow decrepit, and let no one listen to him, the main thing is that He exists, which means that everything is stable and unshakable. And Antelope beats with a hoof, and money flows like a river, and palaces rise between the dumps. Such empires decay for a long time and die with the participation of several generations. One consolation - it always happens suddenly and unexpectedly for everyone.

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