Life under the USSR was comfortable

Hello Alexander! I am your supporter, but sometimes I disagree with you, now I will try to explain why. In the USSR, I was confident in the future, the salary was small, but stable, and in some places even a very decent salary, you could get an apartment from the state, free education, free treatment, although not at a high level, but the medical staff was very responsible, I experienced it myself. Science, the first in space, developed industry, everything that was done under the USSR, serves and works to this day. And what has been done by RUSSIA over the years? Yes, ideology, brainwashing, lack of food in stores, but the food was real, not like now. Morality, which films, still remain unforgettable. The worst thing is that some received free education under the USSR, and now we are pouring dirt on where they came from. I hope for your understanding. Many more could be listed, I repeat, I lived comfortably under the USSR, even with half-empty counters. I am not a supporter of the current government, just like you, but it would be better if I lived there, under the USSR, than now.

g. Vladimir,

Valery Frolov


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