Lecture on "Russophobia"

About the secret cemetery in Kolpino with our soldiers, Alexander, do you know anything? I learned about it from Elena Vasilyeva, I was on it (I live nearby) and faced very bad facts. Yes, Alexander, you somehow unflatteringly spoke about Elena, I would like to know why specifically. "Faceless protectorates" - this is what the Kremlin has been trying to do with other peoples throughout history. Pynya is so rotten with this imperial shit that he does not think otherwise, therefore, in the actions of the United States, he sees something that does not exist.

The only stability that Putin has achieved is the lack of hope for the future. This feeling distinguishes the youth of the 90s from today. And the revenge of the young to society and the authorities for this (shootings, explosions, etc.), only at the very beginning. Leonid Ilyich.

Well, in general, I agree that when they say to a girl they say “it’s my own fault that they were raped, I had to dress more modestly” it’s not far from “it’s his own fault that he was squeezed out, there’s nothing to be such a weak sucker” and “it is his own fault that he got a bullet in the forehead, I had nothing to fall under the hot hand. " Yes, I understand that you might want to fuck some girl, but in the same way, some people want to hit someone in a bad mood, throw out anger at someone. you need to be able to control yourself and your Wishlist and your desires. This is generally the problem of Russians (I’m not talking about the nation, but about the peoples inhabiting the Russian Federation, Caucasians and Tatars, and everything is shorter), there is no sense of proportion, there is no desire to work well and honestly. there is only one thing "everything will collapse, but I will stay", "the main thing for me right now is to earn money in a quick way, and there at least the grass does not grow", "you won’t get enough money.”

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