Hunger versus fear

Loch begins to guess about something. He looks around and sniffs at the atmosphere. And in her, tight-lipped, there are suspicions that the darling power is again determined to throw everyone away. She also understands that Loch frowned, and begins to lie with triple strength.

The Putinists bombed civilian Syrian residents so victoriously that they were extremely amazed when they began to be shot down in the air. Moreover, the "friendly forces" of Assad. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu blamed the Syrian leadership for the downed Il-20, while Assad himself remained silent for a long time, and only on the third day "expressed condolences." During this time, the Kremlin has passed a difficult psychological path: from the hysteria of a violent madman to the humility of a sheep. At first, Putin said that he would "take steps that everyone will notice," and the world hid in anticipation of a funny show: either he would break Shoigu's balls from a turn, or ride around the Kremlin on Medvedev. But nothing happened: the judoka wiped himself off and took the blow on the cabbage soup for granted. He always does this, because Putin's revealing threats are intended exclusively for the internal user - to make the "Soviet goof freeze." And he freezes. He gets the impression that "Putin scared everyone again, and we were immediately respected." This is how propaganda works: nothing is dressed in shining armor and illuminated with all the colors of the rainbow. It shines and shimmers in the frame, and the fact that a dozen image makers are working behind the scenes, driving flies away from the odorous object - this is not supposed to be seen by the viewer, otherwise the head will burst from cognitiveness.

However, Loch begins to guess about something. He looks around and sniffs at the atmosphere. And in her, tight-lipped, there are suspicions that the darling power is again determined to throw everyone away. She, too, realizes that Loch frowned, and begins to lie with triple strength. For example, he solemnly declares that he is about to bring the minimum wage to 11,280 rubles. And Loshara looks at the "green" rate and calculates that it is - 168 dollars, and then - while the enemy's piece of paper costs 67 rubles. And it will certainly rise in price: up to 80, and up to 100, and this is not the limit. $ 168 a month is not yet Congo, but the direction is quite African. True, today the "minimum wage" in Russia is $ 139! It would seem that it is progress that causes a "feeling of deep satisfaction", but waves of ecstasy recede before the figures of bonuses paid to top managers of Rosneft, Gazprom and other priests of the oligarchy, who pumped over 10 billion rubles in six months. But that's not all. The bandits understand that additional motivation is needed for accomplices. According to the draft federal budget, by 2021 the government intends to increase budget allocations for "material motivation" of civil servants to 284 billion rubles, which is 184 billion rubles more than provided for by the current law. There is something to be brutalized here, but the inertia of "non-interference in politics" among the inhabitants is still strong. The journey from kitchen to public outrage can take anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the rate at which the stomach empties. But even this path will be blocked by "demotivators" from the regime: hordes of riot police, Rosgvardia and the most advanced technology for dispersal and suppression. To the services of the outraged - an armored vehicle "Wall", shields with stun guns, water bombs dropped from helicopters - everything for the soul and exacerbation of sensations. Putin loves you, Loch numb. Especially when packed: in a paddy wagon or a wooden box. In this position, you do not interfere, therefore - continue to sit on the sofa until they take it out towards the morgue…

Money and power are two communicating vessels filled with human blood. It is never spilled “just like that”. And Polonium-210 "just like that" does not get into tea, and "Novichok" is not applied to the door handles, and cocaine tracks from Brazil do not "just like that". A special regime with special interests conducts its dirty special cases within the framework of special operations, which include both wars with terrorist attacks and murders - mass or targeted. And propaganda, and cyber attacks, and interference in elections, and laundering of dirty money - all this is coordinated from a single center located in the Kremlin. And as long as the West scatters its forces in the fight against "isolated manifestations of aggression", nothing threatens Putinism. It is even beneficial for the Kremlin that the struggle takes place in certain "hotbeds", diverting attention from the Center for Decision Making itself. Has the Kremlin ignited the "problem of European migrants"? - extinguish it, while the Kremlin will set it on fire somewhere else. It is necessary to "extinguish" the Kremlin itself, without being distracted by particulars. If he is destroyed, the problems caused by his indefatigable activity will also disappear. The main thing is to do it quickly, without giving the enemy time to prepare.

The package of sanctions "from Hell" will not become fatal precisely because the Putinists have time to soften the blow. It is clear that the initiatives of Kostin, supported by the Ministry of Finance, have the goal of "squeezing the currency" from the population. And this goal will be achieved in one way or another - even if by creating a "black market" with its subsequent taking under the control of the same special services. The siloviki are mobile and omnipotent, they have filled all management structures, and in such a situation only His Majesty the Embargo can be effective. A total ban on exports and imports, coupled with the freezing of accounts and all joint projects without exception. No Nord Streams, no movement of funds of the conditional Abramovich and Friedmans, no contacts at a high foreign policy level, the cancellation of visas for all relatives of Russian officials, the arrest of their property in the West and a ban on entry to the United States and the European Union. Complete isolation of the Kremlin with an official ultimatum: "Either you immediately begin the process of decriminalizing the Kremlin, or we cut off all your connections with modern civilization." This blow to the single Center will split the heterogeneous "elite", and this process will be accelerated by the "Loch" swarming below, which will rapidly come out of the state of torpor. For there will be nothing to eat, and the ass will quickly rise from the sofa, after which it will be very problematic to seat it back. And here it is already a matter of time: will an employee of the Russian Guard remain behind the wheel of the Stena car for a long time, if he knows exactly how much money Zolotov personally steals from him every day? How violently will a riot police officer beat people if his parents - people of pre-retirement age - are fired from work just the day before with no chance of employment?

Security officers are excellent tactics, provided with resources - captured and stolen. But strategically they have already lost. You can poison everything around you for a long time with propaganda and fear, but one day hunger and despair will still be stronger.

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