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Thank you from Ukraine. How can we get rid of the "brothers"? Nai terribly does not want their "love". And we are ready to fight for freedom. Deliver this in some way (I can't imagine how) the Russians. There are no fascists in Ukraine. Thank you.

Alexander is absolutely right! If you love and know how to work, you will come in handy anywhere in the world !! From personal experience: My relatives live and work successfully in 9 countries of the World and do not regret it at all. True, everyone knows at least 4 languages, and some even 6-7! More than 60% of my classmates (Faculty of Physics, Leningrad State University) do not work in Russia. From the professors of Harvard, Toronto, Bologna, to the administration of the President of the United States. So the groans under the cart - "I won't leave", "but who needs us there" - are just an excuse for their own laziness, lack of initiative and cowardice !! All thinking people, but not revolutionaries, get out of Mordor successfully !! ;) "However, I believe that kaRFagen should be destroyed!"

Alexander Vladimirovich! As always, I am simply amazed at your ability to conduct serious topics, clearly explaining the most acute terrible moments of our wild Russian reality! You are right - we and only we ourselves are to blame for everything that has happened to the country and continues to happen! Until all people are imbued with the thought that we are in mortal danger, nothing good can be expected. May God grant you health, our dear! Take care of yourself and with great respect for you.

I’m wondering if the violence of Russia in the 90s met with the population of modern Russia, at least plunolo b with disgust in the face of modern fortress vatans.

All the people fled over the hill? And we are slaves, cattle. We live in Mukhosranski and we plow for three kopecks, and cattle. We cannot go, we cannot go far on debt. Our apartments are not Moscow ones, they do not cost millions, for the lower housing and communal services it is crazy, but not the cost. Muscovites do not understand. Some groan in Russia - as they live in prison, others in prisons - are actually in prison, and still others are taught from abroad how to change their lives ..... While we are alone, nothing will come of it. Our enemies are one, the thief is holding on to the thief, and we are one by one ...

The Russian people are not going to do anything, they will eat tons of palm oil, send children to slaughter in Donbass, then take money for their lives and, silently, bury them. This is acceptable to them. Whatever it was in Ukraine, but in Russia it is Orwell

In order to adequately perceive the situation in the Russian Federation, one must understand the elementary: the majority have become corrupted by free money for oil and gas, they receive a kickback from the Kremlin for loyalty and the opportunity not to strain too much at work. why should they change anything? enough for food and vegetation - this is the level of their happiness! it will not work out of slaves and opportunists to make revolutionaries!

I believe that radicalism in the current political situation is akin to stupidity ... PMSM today must adhere to the rule WHO IS NOT AGAINST US IS WITH US, otherwise the situation will change much more slowly and regime change will not happen soon

Alexander, when coughing during speech, try not to worry. That is, speak the text less emotionally. I understand that this is not easy, but try it. Tested on personal experience)) Get well soon!

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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