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It seems that the wish of a tram fart in a pioneer tie in getting a Nobel in the "fight for peace" fits well with the Lubyanka tradition of calling the whole world once again. I have been living in Usolye-Sibirskiy for 23 years, winters are long and cold, the wind is constantly windy, summer is short and rainy, there are no part-time jobs in the city, however, the situation is typical in neighboring towns of Siberia, I was there. I have been at the CPC for the fourth year in a row, so I still have not found a job, yes, they give money there, but very little ((

The country is legally imperious without a responsible swindler who created the conditions for personal enrichment through cutting the state budget by cutting all programs, natural resources, public property with the robbery of a completely legally unprotected disenfranchised population through extortions, prices, fines and cutting social programs. (As in the Cipollino cartoon) And the majority of the population does not even use their only right to a reasonable vote, granted by a crook - working for the authorities, which is killing the future of their children and grandchildren and Russia.

For a long time I suspect that Putin is simply imprisoned in the Kremlin, as the general director of an LLC of the Russian Federation, and the owner is someone else - the one who owns the bulk of the Russian industry. Well, and also why they could have put a putlo in there, it was like a scarecrow of a garden, a scarecrow, for the Russian electorate - this is the second, incidental reason. Plus, practically no one fulfills any of Putin's orders. This is especially evident from the May decrees, even from the 12th year. Well, in a pandemic, when he was playing a nutcase on the audience, throwing a pen on the table in the bunker. Everything fits together. This chess game for Putin's team most likely will not end even with zugzwang. There, for the Kremlin "king", the party will end with a political shah, followed by a toilet dump in mat. Although, now he is close to a stalemate.

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Сотник Александр Владимирович (род. 1968) - российский писатель, публицист, исполнитель нецензурных дворовых песен, диктор радио и телевидения, видеоблогер Youtube, ведущий из-за границы о России.

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