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Fascism cannot be defeated from within; it can be fatally defeated in a collision from outside. At the same time, the nature of fascism is precisely such that it literally craves such a collision, deliberately going all-in. Every fascist believes in the predetermination of fate.

Putin's kaganate is struggling in terrible convulsions of death throes and seeks salvation in the war, she needs it like air and the kaganate will definitely start a war. With whom to fight it does not matter. Their trouble is that even a war will not save the situation, but will hasten the end. This will be the last war of the Prison of the Nations.

Security officials are disgraceful how can you fight with your people? You do not have children, parents, you protect the bandits in power and yourself have become real fascists, come to your senses for God's sake. It will be very tough only in the pugabi itself. Then the baldhead will not stick his nose, because all his "elite" in EUROPE and the STATES vows. And they are afraid to lose it.

I used to think - "how good it is that I live in Moscow time!", now I think with horror - "where to get out of here?" There is no way to leave Putlerland, maybe there are still places in this God-damned country where you can hide from Pu and his followers? I agree with much of the above, but I think Putin, like Kim, will be blackmailing the world, rather than actually starting a war with the West. His daughters and his capital are here in our west, as well as his entire entourage. He will be very grateful to you for your constant advertising of his aggression. Think about it.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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Alexander Vladimirovich Sotnik (born 1968) - Russian writer, publicist, performer of obscene yard songs, radio and TV announcer, Youtube video blogger broadcasting about Russia from abroad.

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