From oil to minced meat

While Putin was broadcasting about his FSO cook troops, the oil sank lower and lower, showing his disregard for the speaker. The oil collapse will be impressive and long. And where the world market coughs, Russian Putinomics will cough up blood.

In Ivanteevka near Moscow, a welder killed a buyer of a grocery store for a place in a queue. Nothing personal: he just wanted to buy alcohol as soon as possible. Having killed the intractable man, the welder snatched a thousand rubles from his hand and bought vodka with it. "Kill and drink" - here it is, a new national idea, and not any "patriotism" about which a regular journalist broadcast at Putin's press conference the day before. In itself, the "press" was insipid, without a spark, and Putin lied not at all inspired. Fatigue in the limbs and calluses on the tongue were felt. The only innovation was in the form of submitting questions: first, often followed by "throwing in an idea", and only then - the question itself. Something like this: “Shouldn't we organize a new staff cleaning, Vladimir Vladimirovich? And now answer: is there life on Mars? .. ”The leader reacted sluggishly to the proposals, sometimes ironically, so as not to sharpen his attention once again. Because it’s too early to sharpen. All this will be needed later: when they begin to purge, and when the Constitution is rewritten and presented to the population - new and alive. And they will do all this with an explanation: “You yourself wanted this! Remember that press conference? Then the journalist Pupkin voiced the idea ... But we listened and implemented! The main thing - do not be surprised that instead of the “ministry of ideas” there appeared a “ministry of repression”, because by “ideas” you meant exactly that: a strong hand, Stalin and a gulag with a firing line. Everything for you, dear Russians, with the coming of you, do not be ill, and we will provide you with a nuclear paradise in the Kremlin. ”

To the lowest request “to return the retirement age back”, the answer was immediately: “Yes, we are already practically there, at the fifth point. More precisely, not us, but you. We will eat fat, and you, slaves, are destined to work until you lose your pulse. And there, you see, you are in paradise ... ”Putin did not kick the long-suffering Donald, reproaching the harshness of the new Congress, because of which the beloved is clamped in a vice - that is toiling, eggless. He does not even dare to meet to kiss. But just in case, our peacekeeper still shook the missiles, so that the West would not forget that the Day of Judgment could come at any moment when the blackmailer senses the acuteness of the crisis. So it is better to wish him "creative success" and all sorts of stupidity, because exacerbations of the patient are fraught with the explosion of this entire nuclear mental hospital.

While Putin was broadcasting about his FSO cook troops, the oil sank lower and lower, showing his disregard for the speaker. A couple of days earlier, the Saudis announced through the Kingdom's Energy Minister that there were "geopolitical processes" and Saudi Arabia did not intend to take any drastic actions. This means only one thing: “Prepare for another oil collapse. It will be impressive and exhaustingly long. And where the world market coughs, Russian Putinomics will start coughing up blood. " The Kremlin understands this, as well as the fact that nothing can be done about it. But you have to do something. The best thing they thought of was to remove the board with the exchange rate out of harm's way, so as not to irritate the Russians, who in the near future will be systematically turned into minced meat. It was said: "People are our oil!" It is on this human flesh that from now on, Putin's system machine will work, grinding everyone and everything - without a trace. How long the average terpiloid will moan is hard to say: in Russia the spring of discontent is compressed for a long time, but it fires with lightning speed, with the obligatory ripping open of the abuser's abdominal cavity. And there is no reason to believe that this time it will be different.

In the meantime, the Russians are preparing their muzzles to fall into the salad, even saving on New Year's gifts. Not everyone likes the Christmas tree, therefore it is better not to stretch the pleasure, but to collapse in Olivier right away. And let the worst thing happen in a drunken dream: the ruble will collapse, and prices will soar, and even a nuclear mushroom will be drawn on the horizon. We are in the house, we are drunk, and do whatever you want with us. All the same, the amount left on hand after inflation and all mandatory payments went into negative territory. In November alone, Russians' wallets lost almost 3%. And after the New Year, such frantic races will begin that the circus with horses will get stoned in nervous tension.

The Central Bank sends desperate messages to the Emperor: “Let me stop foreign exchange interventions in the market. If we continue to restrain the ruble in the previous regime, we will be left without cash currency. " But the Tsar is no longer quite adequate. Completely immersed in his own fantasy world, which contradicts the real one, he builds new daring geopolitical combinations, planning to "outplay everyone again." Meanwhile, no one intends to play with Putin anymore: neither chess, nor giveaway, nor even Chapaev. He is a spent substance, understandable for everyone, transparent - like urine with meldonium. So he can plan anything - up to the takeoff of ballistic missiles. The only question is whether his own environment will allow his fantasies to come true, or, having taken upon himself a mortal sin, will turn the autocrat into the royal stuffing?

Alexander Sotnik December 21, 2018

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