Former employee of VGTRK

Former employee of the Russia-24 TV channel (VGTRK) Leonid Krivenkov spoke about the propaganda “kitchen” of the Russia-24 TV channel. According to him, it is impossible to find a job without bribes for the TV channel, and journalists and program hosts deliberately lie to their viewers.

Nothing new. I think that all subscribers to your channel know that all critters working for TV propaganda are DOUBLE CYNICS. He also opened America to me. Why is this man just now "got out" and started broadcasting the truth-womb. And why did he first pay bribes, and then the "tariff" was raised and he decided to quit. HE left not for ideological reasons. Was it really that bad with work 10 years ago? I do not forgive this truth-teller, judge everyone, even former employees

"When did you realize that something went wrong?" yes damn it from the very beginning of the job, you need to pay the first salary to get a job. The director of "rosgeologia" did not embellish the fucking thing that happens in state companies. Ebaaaaat, I'm in shock, gentlemen. When this regime collapses and all the shit spills out, the Russians just FUCK what regime they supported, who they voted for, how their lives were taken from them, and that the whole life lived by quilted jackets in this regime is simply flushed down the toilet! After this, I would have committed suicide in the place of an ordinary quilted jacket. This all draws on the scam of the century, at least.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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