Fascizing Reich - Sasha Sotnik

Do the Russians want war? Not really. They yearn for a repetition of a fictitious victory, for the realization of the Soviet myth that is firmly entrenched in an inflamed brain: “Degradation is the same with music and nuclear flares. After us - even a flood. Let us incinerate a planet that loses its right to life if there is no place for our great empire on it! " For this and voted. For this, Putin was "zeroed" ...

The last words of the issue, sounded from Alexander rightfully. Indeed, whoever did not hide, the leader is not to blame. And to the question why, the answer essentially lies on the surface: he arranged the process of zeroing the pot in exactly this way in order to cover up as many fools of the Russian bottling as possible in the turnout for this crazy Sabbath. Let me add here the words, recalling the same commies from friend of the bunker-Fuehrer Zyuganov, which they said on the Krasnaya Liniya TV channel from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation: the current Russian system resembles a conveyor belt for the production of fools; a fool is the most valuable resource for the current government of the Russian Federation. And indeed! Having arranged this zeroing madness, the authorities have not in vain put their stake on the fooled majority of the population of the Russian Federation, because, judging by the results, they have not lost. What should the prudent, cultured and honest people who remain in the minority do? More and more I come to the conclusion that one has only to leave this cave, to leave, to emigrate. History itself, if we look at wars, conflicts, dictates a way out for us, as if hinting: the way out is where the way out is. Otherwise, they will be crushed and smeared in crimes, and anyone who tries not to smear himself will be declared a criminal and imprisoned to the fullest extent of the unfair sentence of the purchased security officials, judges, and so on, including the dog from the FSIN.

What can I advise you as the most sane person, if you young emigrate to a ready country with a strong economy as an option Poland , the future center of Europe, if the power is in Russia and problems will change for at least another thirty years, there will be perestroika again, a redistribution of power and restructuring after Putin's stagnation and devastation, so that a bright future is waiting for your children in any scenario.

Yes ... there is another legend - against the backdrop of a dilapidated economy and radioactive fallout that now await all Russians ..... the northern brothers will come - whether it will be the peoples of the north with their shamans. Tolley is a union of the Baltic countries from Europe, but they will not leave alone until his death .... nature will avenge everything on the insect

Well, that's all, the end of Russia, now only wildness, degradation and complete impoverishment, the population itself has led itself to such a sad ending and it's a pity, it seems, everyone was born with brains and never learned to use them

For what in the comments they write to Alexander Sotnik: thanks? - I don’t understand? Will the Centurion help us with his stylish videos? Motivates for a big riot? In each video, the Centurion emphasizes that the people are weak, cowardly and everyone will have to answer for this. But what about Alexander himself? Does he consider himself different from the people and what gives him the right to think so: possession of a cool style and the courage of an uncompromising journalist?

The fact that he would remain was clear when he appeared ... then he came. I have no doubt about it. Alexander is a terrible movie from him, a terrible state, and this despite the fact that I have not lived there for 17 years already. So it became lousy after the video, after all, a freak will start the war. Although they could have killed him like Canedy. Russia never belonged to the Russians. So they need it for some reason, for those who rule the world))) or what?

According to rough estimates, the rat will be left without grain in the fall, the first strike is traditionally in August. The guards will have nothing to feed, and the army will also switch to pasture. What the hell is a war? A big war costs money, and these you local conflict do not take out to BV, how many military men have already been buried there. Who will go for them to die for free? The rat is more afraid of his knife in the back than of his "Western partners". It's all bad, it's too late to twist the run and interrupt the numbers, just under pressure.

Sasha, why the Rzhev-Vyazemskaya absolutely failed operation with 1.2 million 220x, 300x, captured and taken to Sachsenhausen and other camp and production, he says ma'am. 28 Panfilovtsev and Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, led by Pavlik Morozov and ROA, Vlasov and Ivan the Terrible with Vladimir "baptized" in Athos baptized (laughing, not laughing at the KGB moron) - is this the honor and pride of RUSSIA? Sasha. I in 99 dumped from this insanity. Is it getting worse and worse there? It's a pity. Just Sasha. Kiev .

I will add: he is illegitimate from the very beginning because he was appointed by a bunch of murky personalities and Yeltsin as a "successor", when a bunch of "Politburo" chooses him and confronts everyone with a fact, and then promotion and bringing to the required figure ... and life-long rule or until a successful putsch, and in democracies there is no institution of "successors", there are normal procedures, time limits and unconditional implementation of them, separation of powers, an independent court ... well, what can I tell you...

Sasha, drop it. The former mayor of Kursk, General Rutskoy, bought a batch of combines from Rosselmash. In order to save money, he ordered the combine harvesters to go on their own until Kursk . Some did not reach at all, while others came in such a form that it was cheaper to repair than to buy. Tanks are made by the same people using the same technology. And more recently, the Russian Federation sent gold to England and bought US debts for a very large amount. And in all this Putin, who approved the deal, will order to shy away? This is assuming that the missiles will fly in the right direction and reach. As they used to say in an old Soviet joke, "Fuck her, with Turkey."

Why are you rolling barrels to Katz again? the person said everything correctly and explained what to do. Boycotted proudly at home, and would not have to throw in anything, and now, although the falsifications are obvious and mathematically proven, and your proud boycott does not affect legitimacy in any way (like other remaining forms of protest)

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