Drafting conscripts into the army

Dear Alexander Vladimirovich! How do you / citizens of the Russian Federation assess the obviously rudimentary systemic fact of conscripts being drafted into the army? After all, it is obvious that a person (quite reasonable, healthy, a unit of society, ready to receive education or work and produce a natural product, create a family, increase the birth rate at the age of 18-27) for a year of his own (and not indirectly - for his relatives) his own life becomes a de facto parasite (the army does not even produce potatoes, only the federal budget, our taxes are spent and eaten) with all the ensuing consequences for it personally. Obviously, it is not the army that educates and “hardens” a young man first of all, but his parents and the environment in which he develops. Why does not anyone care about this topic and do not raise it by anyone? Best regards, Ilya - 30 years old - Scientist agronomist.

Ilya Zaitsev, Kraskovo, ilzvil@**ndex.ru

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