Don't expect a riot in the country - Potapenko

Putin crawled out of the bunker. According to economist and entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko, “after the end of the self-isolation regime, the Russians trying to return to work will face ashes,” but this will not cause a riot, because even doctors who are dying from the coronavirus today and who are on the front line in the fight against the pandemic are afraid to stand for myself.

Sobyanin is eager to launch construction sites into battle so that migrants do not rage. He is fighting against the group of Mr. Mutko. Zolotov is the next president. Shoigu and Patrushev's claims to the throne. I don't see caviar leaving tables and private jets. Lakeside nation, they've got it all The Lakes have a national welfare fund. Small things (business) must die. Putin has 1 knight move. Distribute money to the population for 100 thousand.

Putin's statement on the abolition of the non-working days regime in fact does not in any way cancel all the decisions made by the regional authorities. However, in terms of a power struggle, this is an obvious attempt to start out of the bunker. Which is generally logical - a couple more weeks, and you can stay there forever. Now Putin, as it were, is all in white and is shifting responsibility for stopping quarantine measures to the governors, but in the event of an outbreak of the disease, they will be responsible. Which puts them in an extremely ambiguous position. In purely apparatus terms, Putin is trying once again to evade responsibility and rise above the governors, returning to himself the position of an arbiter who will decide their fate. If for the province this state is generally accustomed, then for the Moscow mayor there comes a moment of truth. To keep quarantine further means to take all the negativity onto oneself, to abandon quarantine on the positive dynamics of the growth of morbidity - to completely lose control of the situation. Both that, and another for him, in the apparatus sense, a complete disaster. At the same time, Putin said that it is the regions in the event of the extension of the quarantine will have to help enterprises and organizations on their territory. Until May 12, the regions could send everyone, referring to the fact that the regime was introduced by the Center (which took a very specific position with regard to assistance - there is no money and will not be), but now it is the governors who will have to find resources for support after May 12. And the resource for a month and a half of quarantine was very run out. It is formally stated that measures will be developed at the federal level, but they will be of an indirect nature - partial abolition of taxes during the quarantine period, but not everyone will receive direct payments, and these payments will, of course, be rather mocking. Naturally, all these games of thrones have nothing to do with the fight against the epidemic or helping people. Putin is trying to regain power, which he himself threw off by escaping to a bunker. At the same time, apparently, he does not intend to return. One way or another, but the move is made. The struggle according to all the laws of the genre is only getting worse. If Sobyanin had any thoughts on the further development of events, now he will have to accelerate and solve the problem in an obvious time trouble.

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