Disclosure of two secrets - Alexander Sotnik

Putin is finishing off the country in front of the whole world - by the hands of its own population, turned into stupid obedient meat, spilling at the behest of a goat to the slaughterhouse. And it looks like we are witnessing the latest suicide act of post-Soviet sectarians.

How long will a person live if his heart is ripped out? And what about the state if the Constitution is removed? It is this operation to amputate the basic Law that is taking place these days - in areas equipped even in buses and car trunks. It was necessary to arrange the booths of dry closets all over the country and call each ballot box a voting one. Putin is finishing off the country in front of the whole world - by the hands of its own population, turned into stupid obedient meat, spilling at the behest of a goat to the slaughterhouse. And it looks like we are witnessing the latest suicide act of post-Soviet sectarians.

Rosstat with foam on its lips at the beginning of 2020 broadcast about 146 million citizens of Russia, admitting, however, that the population is shrinking: they say, in 2018 it decreased by 99 thousand, and in 2019 - by 34. And winked slyly to the side migrants actively replenishing the live stock of slaves. And then the official doctor made an unfortunate mistake by divulging state secrets. Director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. N.F. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper - take it, and blurt out: "In order to switch to the mass vaccination of Russians against coronavirus infection, it will take up to 70 million doses of vaccine." If he speaks specifically about mass (that is, universal and compulsory) vaccination, then it turns out that, taking into account those who have contraindications, we can talk about 80-90 million citizens of Russia. And it's all? You, of course, forgive, but with such a quantity of live meat you cannot shower any enemy - especially since the enemy has long been in the Kremlin and is destroying the people with all the ruthlessness of an occupier. Just imagine: to arrange military parades throughout the country during a fierce epidemic, then drive the livestock to the slaughterhouse of covid voting, not at all embarrassed even by the official false numbers of cases. Putin throws people into the furnace, throws them alive. On the one hand, people are confused by the propaganda on the topic “this is a common flu”, on the other hand, they are terrified to death: “if you do not appear at the vote, dismissal is inevitable”. What do you think: how many people will become infected with the coronavirus in the process of legitimizing zeroing? How many will die later? - because you can lie recklessly about the invented vaccine for at least a hundred years, but it does not mean anything.

You can even endlessly "test" some pharmaceutical mixtures on humanoid volunteers. But the fact remains: mankind is still far from a vaccine against coronavirus, and a mustachioed fascist like Peskov has less faith than the Oxford professors who sweated three times with zeal, but invariably states: “no effective remedy has been found”. So it turns out that, taking into account the level of half-dead medicine and atrocious conditions of survival, the coronavirus will mow down from a quarter to a third of the population of Putin's cave, which means that in a couple of years about 60 million inhabitants will remain in the "scrap" territory. Therefore, the sovereign's attention turned to 16-year-olds, who are destined to work hard from the age of 16 and pay tirelessly to the forever plundered treasury. But Putin thinks not only about this. The concept of twisting the country into a new historical spiral, more and more reminiscent of a meat grinder, has matured in his head. An article by an amateur demagogue, fed by the myths of manuals compiled for novice sexists, opens a secret door to Putin's mental storehouse. In this box with half-rotted dead meat, the central place is occupied by the shadow of Stalin's Yalta with its outlined zones of influence. So the painful perseverance of the baldhead with unnecessary tinsel in the form of fireworks in honor of the "liberation" of Vilnius, Riga, or even Bratislava is lining up into a coherent chain. The phantom pains of the Warsaw Pact states, chopped off by history, gnaw at the bunker-sufferer to gnash. The crumbling former imperial greatness, which in reality turned into a sly face of Lukashenka and the contemptuous grin of a Turkmenbashi, inflict a deep wound on the sexot, already traumatized by the "great geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century." He longs for, if not complete revenge, then a cruel revenge, feeling himself the legal successor of the humiliated and trampled USSR. He no longer remembers how he pulled oil in exchange for food and kissed passionately with the bandit grandfather Khasan, how he dragged Sobchak's suitcases and grovelled in front of Yeltsin. For 20 years now he has been a sacred figure on a special political board, rooted in it with all its roots, and there is no such force capable of cutting it down. He is his own queen and his own grandmaster. And it doesn't matter that the entourage is stealing, and the generals are moronic: you can blackmail until you blue in the face! Immediately after the vote, the population of Russia will begin to mentally prepare for a new war. It is already clear that no Europe and America will open borders for Russians. You can lie to the whole world with inspiration about how Russia "reached a plateau", but closer to autumn everyone will see how the second wave threateningly superimposed on the peak of the first wave. The ritualists preparing for the competition in digging graves at speed unwittingly betray state secret No. 2: soon all of Russia will be turned into one large cemetery, standing among the ruins of Putin's stability. And all who survived, the bald commander will assign to the troops: there will be no work anyway, because the enterprises will be taken away completely, and all that remains is to go to some PMC: to kill people in Africa or die in the Libyan sands. And the eternally obedient uneducated conventional Vanya will say in his own defense: “There is still no other job, but at least this one pays…” One consolation: the safety margin of this compost heap is small. Russia will degrade merrily and with a twinkle: the era of technogenous women has not been canceled. AND

At this point, excuse either from the virus or from hunger to die from our fucking state will not help, let it at least open the economy, and then as soon as the people do not want to protest, and if you honestly talk about the virus, I don't even follow this. Putin is the killer and enemy of my country. But I don’t understand why lie about the fierce epidemic? Better explain why in the United States, through the courts, compulsory vaccination was rejected and WHO's sponsorship was terminated. Or is it not paid for? I've already started unsubscribing from bloggers who are raving.

Who will vote on July 1, keep this option in mind. They need my opinion both for the media and for international observers to show how many people came to vote. In this case, only anti-propaganda is possible. Do not go to the polls and shoot videos and post them on social networks. The voting log is an agreement that you recognize this event as legal. They don't need your Pros or Cons, but your participation. You sign an agreement with the shullers knowing in advance that the vote is a hoax.

The overwhelming majority does not speak about voting at all, nor about problems in general. They just work, rest on weekends, smoke kebabs, drink, walk and so on. And in the office, I am sometimes asked if I will (barely) poke or not. At the same time, I will note that earlier clerks complained about me to the company's management that they say I am spreading unhealthy propaganda among employees. The bosses, by the way, somehow calmly reacted, and did not fire. This time, to a question from my colleagues, I answered this way: "There has been a state crime, an unconstitutional coup; and you think that I will fall into this shit"? And when I refer to the channels where you can find reliable information without false distortion of the Kremlin, they usually tell me that these are all enemies and other hostile elements who allegedly want to destroy Russia. Sometimes I managed to get one of those zombified people to talk, then that's the way it is, they get information from Center-TV, after which they declare that Putin, they say, is well done, set the Pindos feverishly, scared them so that they would not climb into the Russian life, as he set the heat in Ukraine. In general, I am sure that Russia can safely be diagnosed. This is specifically a clinic in an advanced stage. Normally thinking, reasonable people, one in several hundred can be found here. It is interesting that when I throw words like "livestock" in a conversation, my hopeless interlocutors usually either blush, or immediately get angry and ask not to offend people. Sometimes I hear: "If you don't like the country, then get out of here." In general, I had a lot of thoughts, but somehow I even thought that it would not be bad, indeed, to get together for everyone who still hasn't lost their sanity, and to evacuate en masse from the country - the concentration camp. And these fools, let Putin lick their ass. But, when this monster begins to eat them, let them not call for help later. They themselves deserved it, by their own complicity in the crimes of the state of the anti-people power.

Alexander you are the best journalist of those whom I have met, everyone is right and as always, I have a request to show you more often these dogs to the way of the fascists, policemen, so that you can convey to them what awaits them after the change of criminal power, I have a dream, so that they would kneel before their people, as the policemen did in America

I've been listening to the Centurion for the second month. To be honest, I'm fed up. Perhaps those who have just received their sight are terribly interesting. Even with a scoop, I understand what's going on in the country. Well, let's joke endlessly ... Most of the people are in favor. I live among this people and sometimes I want to howl from impotence. I do not know what to do. But personally, I don't want bloodshed. We have already gone through this. Good cannot be achieved by evil. All normal people must somehow unite. Maybe what kind of scarf to wear to see each other in the crowd and understand that you are not alone. All who are against this gang must unite. And then just go out all together and see how many of us Something like that))))

Is it possible to somehow speed up the cancellation of muzzles? Let those who want to go in muzzles go in muzzles - let it be seen from a mile away that there is a blunt-nosed hen walking in a muzzle, which, in a hurry shaving off its luxurious mustache, has slovenly cut itself and is now very shy about it. Or maybe it’s not a mustache, but chicken blind pimples, or maybe it’s even a whole lulit on the face - such, you see. post-isolation type.

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