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Every new day with the thought that we live in some kind of HELL. What's next? Already, to be honest, absolutely give a fuck ... On those in power and on all these GRAINS ... And on all their laws, they are so frankly fucked up - Where the fuck is freedom? Guaranteed to everyone by natural definition. All of their aspirations for private property, for the freedom of people, will only lead to a tough return. Although, what is already there to say will lead, has already led. Sasha Sotnik Thank you for the enlightenment in some events - sometimes the hair stands on end from chaos and without originality. But the good news is that the majority have become really aware of how their fucking ... Without Vaseline. This whole plague machine of propaganda and lies. !!!

TASS reports. The bald man had successful phone calls with Trump's answering machine. It was agreed to leave a message after the signal. TASS kept silent that the melody of waiting, la-lala-la-la-laaa, brought an additional 23 wrinkles on the opponent's nose. !!!

In the Voronezh region, a 79-year-old pensioner at his own expense inserted windows in a hospital. He was not found to have British citizenship, he was not seen on Mayamy, he does not use black caviar. Conclusion: do not interfere with the rich to do good (for Channel One).

I was thinking, because Vovka the bandit did not just start all this in old age, there was a marsh in 2012 and they crap, and he is nobody without power in Russia, the new president will pass, he will create his entourage and all of them will face the fate of Khodorkovsky. rather, it pulls for life, and they all guess about it, there was an option to go over the hill with all the stuffed up, only if the new leader is competent and builds normal relations with other countries and presents, according to the law, here's the proof, return the newly appointed person back and we arrest the person. And there is not an option to pull, in the third world countries so there the same bandits are waiting with open arms and will even be friends for a couple of days until they find out and wring out all the accounts. The only option is isolation my garden I want to shit in it I want people I kill you what and let them squeal, squeal, then they are in my garden while they are being cut alive, and a well-fed neighbor and he doesn’t give a shit and the security at him and the camera, let him do what he wants and do, while the generation of the 90s will not die out completely, these are the ones from which inaction and connivance came to power, and all his surroundings will not change anything. And less and less young people want to leave Russia and forget about it like a nightmare. Sometimes stuffing the belly with French cheese or Italian carpaccios, you can astalgic about the forests, seas and rivers. In general, my opinion is this channel for those who ever decide to dump and live to the fullest, but people in Russia are worthy of the life they have chosen.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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