Crimea in the throat - Sasha Sotnik

From the first day of Putin's rule, she never perceived him as the leader of the nation. I could not and cannot watch and listen to his speeches for more than a minute. How can you "get sick" with this leader ?!

Alexander, I spent most of my life with a scoop and if I was not brainwashed, I stayed with my opinion, I have a feeling of heightened fairness. Crimea was stupidly squeezed out and spit on all the early agreements. This is done only without the tower gopniks. And this chaos must be hard to stop otherwise they will devour us and not choke.

What brilliant and talented people in the State Dura ... And logic. It turns out that if diabetes is called diabetes mellitus, then it is enough to stop eating sugar and only diabetes will remain, and if you stop using diabetes, then it will not be there either, they have brilliant conclusions, this is a breakthrough and While the bald Grandfather, Poo ... In power, it will be worse, worse and worse ... !!!

Bald Edro - specialists in all matters: medicine, nutrition, etc. etc.! Well, not a single one said that the people feed themselves badly. There is only one recipe - eat less, cut back on rations ... And work, work and work again. The state shouldn't give you anything!

In Russia, there is simply a complete degradation of not only the elites, but the entire Russian people. The Russians have simply been reborn into a herd of morons controlled by one shepherd), who has already prepared that herd for slaughter, the herd is already aware of all this, she can no longer do anything, sad but true. All good people - Peace, Labor, May! Well, and the Russian herd - stay there in your ring of enemies)

Why Russians are constantly ruled by clinical psychos, what karma the Russians have to work out, do not want to turn on the head at last? everything is clear to the blind, deaf and dumb, but the Russians will not wake up in any way. from the ass they know better. then wait!

There is neither the Russian population nor the believer .. there are zombies who consider themselves neither Russian nor Orthodox by and large in fact ... there are no people ... there are victims of communism and television. there are no fasteners ... there is no culture ... these people have lost .. the Muslims have preserved their culture and fasteners - so the globalists are killing them .. and these are all - hopeless

Alexander Sotnik is an amazing person as, in fact, not many bright, sane people who are in solidarity with his worldview are forced to fight in the cruel, rasputinoid obscurantism

Yes, sad news. The country of serfs is turning into a territory of nuclear blackmail. I don’t understand if the crap of citizens has turned into a mental illness. A man supporting a bald man, supporting a nuclear war, in which he will die. Where is the logic . Fuckers.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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