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Гапонов день - Сотник

Навальный еще не раз выведет людей под благим предлогом протеста, высветив тех, кто именно громче всех кричит и машет шариками. Гапонов день шагает по России. По сценарию вас ждут не только «избиения и посадки» но и «умное голосование». Встречай, страна.

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The bubonic plague of Putinism

Nobody in Belarus treated people. And tests for covid were not taken. People get sick and die at home, especially in rural areas. And those who are unable to study and work go to the police. I took a phone on credit, I have nothing to pay with to go ... смотреть видео

Hot autumn suppression strategy - Sotnik TV

For a long time the state beast-lizard endured all these Khabarovsk free walks. And now the beast's patience snapped, and shreds rushed through the Khabarovsk back streets. Now one of two things: either a brutal dispersal will become a point when the region flares up, or - drain the water.

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Gulag or reboot - Sotnik

It seems that the wish of a tram fart in a pioneer tie in getting a Nobel in the "fight for peace" fits well with the Lubyanka tradition of calling the whole world once again. I have been living in Usolye-Sibirskiy for 23 years, winters are long and cold, the wind is constantly windy, summer is short and rainy, there are no part-time jobs in the city, however, the situation is typical in neighboring towns of Siberia.

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Navalny is our savior

Russia is a country of surprises, but all of its dizzying transformations occur solely at the will of the "powerful of this world", and by no means at the request of the population. The "great people" are sleeping in a great dream, and no hero is able to lift them off the couch. But the global economic crisis is already breaking through the doorю

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Russia will wake up after Belarus - Solovey

According to political scientist Valery Solovy, the example of awakened Belarus will make Russia start to get excited, which is already beginning to rise on the example of Khabarovsk. The expert believes that the Putin regime has not long to be ferocious.

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Reset relay - Alexander Sotnik

I read the poems of Yunna Moritz about Donbass. Leaving aside the question of conscience, someone will explain to me how this "poetess" managed to get awards for her, sorry, creativity? She stupidly can't write poetry! Some kind of fierce nonsense

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Smile fanged Sotnik

The country is filled with red-brown concrete. In this mixture everything will be dissolved and mixed. Thieves and terpily, executioners and their victims will merge into a single mass and, passing through the mixer of the state machine.

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Сотника забирает полиция и сажает в автозак на митинге

Добро пожаловать в личный блог Sotnik TV! Сначала посмотрите новые видео, а затем делайте выводы. Информационный ресурс создан для тех, кто интересуется Александром Сотником и его творчеством.

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Сотник Александр Владимирович (род. 1968) - российский писатель, публицист, исполнитель нецензурных дворовых песен, диктор радио и телевидения, видеоблогер Youtube, ведущий из-за границы о России.

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Врач пощупал мой живот. Вы уже беременны на четвертом году жизни. Я не гей. Давно к маме. Хотела огурцы. Врач с мурлом мертвеца. Вы родите не хуже остальных. Ненавистный секс. Смотрел на бледного меня. В тебе открылась язва. Пользуюсь граблями.
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