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Drafting conscripts into the army

Dear Alexander Vladimirovich! How do you / citizens of the Russian Federation assess the obviously rudimentary systemic fact of conscripts being drafted into the army? After all, it is obvious that a person (quite reasonable, healthy, a unit of... read more

On corruption in the Chelyabinsk region

Dear Alexander Vladimirovich, good day. There is a wonderful topic about corruption in the Chelyabinsk region, you are not indifferent, in particular, and in Russia, in general (I mean Chaika). The facts are irrefutable. The beginning of the story... read more

No partisans in Donbass

Hello Alexander! I have a question about Donbass. There was an occupation, then why are there no partisans in the occupied territories? Where is the desperate resistance of the regular army? Where are the full-scale hostilities, counterattacks,... read more

So who are you, Sasha Sotnik?

Alena Denisova Hi, I accidentally stumbled upon one of your reports, where you start with the murder of Russian fatalists in Central Africa, ride on Wagner and get stuck for a long time on the bastards Putin, whose goal is... read more

Kettlein Live Dialogue

Name, Surname: Roman Romanovich Phone: 89613121112 E-mail: City: Rostov on Don Your question to Sasha Sotnik: Good afternoon, Alexander. I am your longtime subscriber. Your opinion about my channel is very important, I would... read more

People are tired of power changes

Hello Sasha. In a poll about elections and candidates in Moscow, I carefully evaluated the responses of all the citizens surveyed and came to one conclusion that most of the respondents are being discussed from the point of view of their own... read more

Roller Kamikaze and lawyers

Good day! There is a request / question of the following nature: Background. Roller kamikaze 10/05/17, rollers of the proactive and other opposition ... Essence. People, lawyers, cannot clearly explain, specifically voice, etc., what is violated by... read more

Life under the USSR was comfortable

Hello Alexander! I am your supporter, but sometimes I disagree with you, now I will try to explain why. In the USSR, I was confident in the future, the salary was small, but stable, and in some places even a very decent salary, you could get an... read more

The real Putin is gone

Name, Surname: Oleg Phone: 89819529240 E-mail: oleg.gud.2014@* City: Saint Petersburg Your question to Sasha Sotnik: Alexander, hello! This is a double question. How do you feel about the information that the real Putin is no longer there? ... read more

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