Nuclear Stink - Sasha Sotnik

Atavism, which has not been eradicated in the XX century, is ready to encroach on the model of the entire world order - even at the cost of a nuclear catastrophe. But in vain does the Levada Center frighten the world with Stalin's shadow.

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Death plans - Sotnik

If plans for life do not correspond to political realities in any way - you can sketch out plans for death. Moreover, this is quite in the spirit of a totalitarian sect, into which Russia is turning together with its population.

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The Sharikov Doctrine - Alexander Sotnik

I am very glad that Roman Pereverzev was also evacuated! Let him rest and breathe in the air of freedom. I can do without scrapopanorama next weekend. I think it's time for all bald Earth to work at uranium mines for gruel. They want a thrill.

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Crimea in the throat - Sasha Sotnik

From the first day of Putin's rule, she never perceived him as the leader of the nation. I could not and cannot watch and listen to his speeches for more than a minute. How can you "get sick" with this leader?!

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Ashes of the Sovkopithek - Alexander Sotnik

In St. Isaac's Cathedral, the choir of brave intellectuals annealed so "hellishly" that sparkled throughout the country. “On a submarine with an atomic engine, Yes, with a dozen bombs under a hundred megatons, I crossed the Atlantic.

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Horse hallucination - Sotnik TV

Thank you from Ukraine. How can we get rid of the "brothers"? Nai terribly does not want their "love". And we are ready to fight for freedom. Deliver this in some way (I can't imagine how) the Russians. There are no fascists in Ukraine. Thank you.

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Tantrum of nuclear void - Sotnik TV

Thank you from Israel, sorry for the country, but the people are insane, the majority of them are really brainwashed, from my own experience of communicating with friends and relatives left in Russia, I say that there are practically no sane people left.

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Long century in anticipation of a cliff

It is necessary to forbid Putin to read the Messages without cartoons, otherwise there is nothing to discuss. Is that his slip of the tongue about the "way out" of the Russians. Although - what is this a reservation? For once, I dropped a piece of truth.

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Only Putin will remain - Shurik Sotnik

Five hundred ninety-four spies have been caught or rendered harmless on the territory of Mother Russia recently. This was announced by the Scout of All Russia, Putin. The spies roamed and sniffed, looked out and recorded - in a word.

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The buzz on the dust collectors - Shurik Sotnik

In response to all the mythical threats of the Kremlin towards the West, the United States decided to show its capabilities and showed how it would be using the example of Venezuela. Today, the Venezuelan Air Force general recognized Guaido as president.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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The doctor felt my stomach. You are already pregnant in your fourth year. I'm not gay. Given to go to my mommy. I wanted cucumbers. A doctor with a dead man's murle. You will give birth no worse than the rest. Hated sex. Stared at the pale me. A sore has opened in you. I use a rake.
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Your video articles and recordings of broadcasts are posted here. This is not my site, the Chekists made it. They always work that way. I just waved a glass and now I will answer all your questions. All other sites are fake, created on the Lubyanka.
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