Power will change in Russia soon - Valery Solovey

Political scientist Valery Solovey notes the lack of understanding in the West of the main motives that form the line of Russian policy. It records an overwhelming level of fear within the Kremlin, increased pressure on society and an attempt.

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Copper Basin of Stability - Sotnik

Not only does Uncle Sam recruit officials in the Presidential Administration - he also rants about some infringed rights there! But what rights can recidivist offenders have when they call comrade Putin - scum? It is good that the clergy poured.

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Childish games of the maturing junta

What kind of fool is this? However, finding a fool is not a problem. I explain (for people with an average IQ). In order to raise money in the Russian Federation, the abstruse schemes "bulk project of the Kremlin" are not needed.

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Card Reich - Alexander Sotnik

Alexander himself went abroad and watered people who did not fuck up and do at least something. They collect money, but he does not. Where do the oppositionists put this money? Where is Alexander? As a journalist, yes, aerobatics.

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Chronicle of liquidation - Sasha Sotnik

What is this strange logic about flying to the Crimea? Perhaps the Ukrainians, who have been living in the scattered for a long time, flew to their relatives, citizens of Ukraine, but living in the Crimea. And about the transit of power and a dummy?

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Dwarfs of the Great War - Alexander Sotnik

The centurion, and you go there too? Carbon dioxide. Well, your mother. Forget about carbon dioxide already. There is no warming, you are loved. Yes, Alexander, you're right. Today, only one question is how to raise the population to physically eliminate the current regime. There can be no other agenda.

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Generals of the "First Lubyanskaya" - Alexander Sotnik

Russia is beginning to get used to life in a "disaster every day" mode, while the security forces are busy with interdepartmental wars. Are the generals of Pervaya Lubyanskaya reporting to Putin the latest figures of losses in the process of growing chaos? Or does he no longer know anything.

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Pynehody, forward - Sotnik TV

The Stalinist Soviet Union ceased to be Hitler's ally. We remember what it turned into. Fascist propaganda is alive. Life ends with death. The current fascist leader. Lies at the state level. Do not watch Putin's straight, curved lines.

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The stench of Munich - Sotnik TV

The Kremlin has lost its color: Russia has practically returned to PACE, and Donald Trump will most likely meet with Putin in Osaka, and not even “on his feet at the urinal,” but at a civilian table, as in the old days.

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Mighty handfuls - Sotnik TV

PU-Bald decided to ruin the country. In the west - only enemies, in the east - friends to whom it is scary to turn your back. Inside - landfills, hell knows what kind of waste, from which people die, sky-high prices and taxes.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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