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Smells of Troubles - Alexander Sotnik

In Russia, over the past day, according to official data, in which no one believes, 8,572 new patients with coronavirus have been identified, of which 2,332 are in Moscow alone. The internal directive in the Kremlin reads.

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Putin is waiting for a miracle - Solovey

Political scientist Valery Solovey gave an exclusive interview to the Sotnik TV website, talking about the plans of the "bunker-Fuhrer". According to the expert, Putin is forced to declare a relaxation of the self-isolation regime and hope.

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People without money - Sotnik TV

You are talking such nonsense. There will be no riot in Russia. One of the most powerful power blocs on the planet, guarding law and order in the Russian Federation. The guys are fed with batons, uncoated, with the slightest disobedience.

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Vladimir Ilyich Gabyshev

Shaman. At first, the bandits were interested in money, and they received this money. Then they needed power, and they seized it. Possessing the first and the second, they learned to convert one into another according to the principle.

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Don't expect a riot in the country - Potapenko

Putin crawled out of the bunker. According to economist and entrepreneur Dmitry Potapenko, “after the end of the self-isolation regime, the Russians trying to return to work will face ashes,” but this will not cause a riot.

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Crown of the cave empire - Alexander Sotnik

Nobody notices this, but in vain: at the moment in Russia there is a historically classic situation of anarchy. Putin is sitting in a bunker, imitating online activities, Mishustin is lying in a hospital bed, calling back with a frightened zeroer.

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Virus at the cost of Sotnik's life

Putin's visits to the Kremlin are becoming comical. Now he comes there for a few hours - suddenly, but with angry intentions to shoot a "canned video" for a week in advance. He shoots with different ties, with the hands on the clock.

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The virus and the boy - Alexander Sotnik

This old woman with a scythe was called for a long, very long time, the name of the whole world was. After all, both Europe and America wholeheartedly kissed the gums of this impudent horseman of the Apocalypse, who, in a fit of nostalgia for the USSR, proclaimed.

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Great nullifier - Alexander Sotnik

The grandmother's organs loomed on the horizon with the prospect of covering the country together with the "lads": it was the grandfather who nullified relations with OPEC and personally with the Saudis. His minister Novak rudely left the negotiations.

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Plague Orgy - Sasha Sotnik

And even Pornhub went crazy from the sight of perversions when the unsurpassed brothel mom Ellochka Pornofilmova opened her mouth. And each cook got excited by her speech: “You don't like the vinaigrette, but you like borscht or cutlets.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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