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In St. Isaac's Cathedral, the choir of brave intellectuals annealed so "hellishly" that sparkled throughout the country. “On a submarine with an atomic engine, Yes, with a dozen bombs under a hundred megatons, I crossed the Atlantic and called the gunner:“ Point, I say, Petrov, at the city of Washington! ”And Sovkopithecus of All Russia, scratched himself with an antediluvian club, and began to respect himself: “How I did them, Pindos! After all, I have nothing to lose, and they - very much even have something. Soak your pants, pampered West! .. ”And while Trump sniffed the cheeks of the North Korean babe at the Vietnamese summit, Russia enjoyed the premonition of the coming battle, cajoling its eyes under the festive strippers' undressing on Defender of the Fatherland Day, which could be renamed as Prostitute Day. It's always nice to watch someone undress - at the moment when the government quietly undresses you. He takes off his last panties and, patting on the ass, states: "Yes, there is still something to gnaw at!" - and immediately announces new taxes.

Although the income of citizens has been falling for the sixth year in a row, the state still has reserves to increase tax revenues, said the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin. “The first is the inventory of real estate objects. Land plots, buildings and structures - everything that is on the territory of the country, ”he said. Further - personal income tax, expanding the tax base; “Everything that is the subject of work of young people, freelancers, everyone who works on the Internet, aggregators. Of course, money that a young man can freely move abroad through cryptocurrency. Today we spoke with Elvira Sakhipzadovna, with the Ministry of Finance about how to seriously pay attention to this. ”

And now let's translate into Russian: they would have taken it in parts, but they need it right away, and that's it. The country is closing. It requires a total cleaning of all the money that still remains in your pockets. “What was yours became ours. And all this will work against you, paying for the new cannibalistic initiatives of Putin's lads. The mountain of money of the Arashukovs, which they did not manage to burn, is nothing in comparison with your savings. Time is short, soon Putin will be chased from everywhere. It only seems that the Congress is preparing for the adoption of the next "agreement". In fact, the West is delaying the X-hour, trying to gain time. By 2020, the guaranteed service life of post-Soviet nuclear weapons ends, and by 2024 the West will be ready to reorganize itself to use new technologies in the field of energy - and by that moment Russia with its gas and oil smokehouse will no longer be needed. In the meantime, the draft of the new "Law on the Protection of America's Security from Kremlin Aggression" includes an explosion package to ban the supply of oil production technologies to Russia. If adopted, from 2022 oil production in Russia will begin to fall rapidly, and by 2035 it will almost halve - from 553 to 310 million tons per year. These volumes will hardly be enough for domestic needs, and they will have to forget about the supply of raw materials to the world market.

In response to these steps, the Kremlin hysterics escalated: “Oh, are you writing us off? Are you planning to leave for the XXI century without us, driving us into a cave? Then we will dash along your train in revenge for not giving us a ticket to a bright future, or at least not letting us ride free in the vestibule! .. ”Yes, this is the revenge of a thieving drunkard gopnik, this is his philosophy. “Start Grandpa's tank! And let us not reach Berlin, but we will have time to soak a couple of fat burghers! .. ”Unfortunately, this is the rhetoric that finds a lively response in the hearts of Russians, more and more overgrown with prehistoric wool.

More than half of Russians (62%) consider the rise in prices to be the most acute problem in the country at the moment. 44% are concerned about poverty, and 41% are concerned about corruption. This is evidenced by the data of a recent poll by the Levada Center. Unemployment worries 36%, stratification between rich and poor 34%, economic crisis worries 28%. 18% of respondents complain about the crisis of morality and culture, 15% complain about the arbitrariness of officials, and 13% complain about the impossibility of achieving the truth in court. And only 6% of the respondents are worried about restrictions on rights and freedoms. Here are the answers to all your questions. In the first place - "grub", in the second - "why am I so poor, if I work hard like a draft horse?", In third - "why do the rich offend me?", And somewhere behind the clouds - a thought about freedom incomprehensible to the Sovkopithek ... And in general: “Where is it, this freedom? Have you seen her anywhere? Personally, I am not. This means that it does not exist at all. She is a myth, a mirage, a deception for simpletons ... "

And scared eyes are running around in search of discounts and sales. And teeth gnash, no longer falling one on top of the other, and fists clench, eager for revenge. But, if you look at you, Sovcopithecus - you are scared to death! You are afraid of everything in the world: the thieving bosses, pot-bellied cops, even Putin on TV - you watch and listen. Are you going to launch a nuclear strike on America?

The US Congress allotted 180 days for intelligence agencies to collect comprehensive information about the accounts of Putin and his clientele. It is strange that this will be done only now, when the whole planet has reeked of the Kremlin's criminal shit. Probably better late than never. But the Kremlin's gangrene has already struck Western political institutions so much that, alas, partial amputation is indispensable. There is no doubt that a part of the corrupt western "elite" will put up a fierce resistance, but without cutting off the gangrenous tentacles, the "train to the future" will not go. The Kremlin stop-crane will not allow. Therefore, for all the belatedness of this decision, it must be executed. At least now. Putin's howls about the presence of mythical "Zircons" - another white-hot ravine. There is nothing like this in the Kremlin arsenal. As they do not have scientists who are able to develop and - even more so - to put on stream production of weapons of this level. Now in the design bureaus for the needs of the Ministry of Defense they are recruiting 60-70-year-old grandfathers "from the scoop" who still remember something from those furry times, "can serve the Motherland", and are even glad of their sudden relevance. But they will assemble the T-34 tank again. Or the outdated TU-160. Which, of course, will go or even take off as formidable scrap metal over the long-suffering Voronezh. And then they crash on him. The ashes of the Sovkopithek are knocking at the heart of the Kremlin. He has no place on the planet of the future. It is hopelessly outdated, and even the planet cannot be blown up. He wants to, but he cannot. So he rushes through the cave, and here he beats his head against the stones, crushing himself into blood. Endure 15 years. Let him petrify.

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The centurion is taken by the police and put into a paddy wagon

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