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Good afternoon, Alexander. How and by what criteria would you evaluate the work of the Investigative Committee of the RF IC?

I have one word - Gestapo. I can evaluate it according to the words of Mr. Bastrykin, who once took a journalist into the forest and said: "I will bury you here, and then I will investigate myself." This is an assessment of the actions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation: this is the Gestapo. I remember I received a call from the Investigative Committee in connection with the Demushkin case - I just sent them in plain text. I do not admit that they have anything to do with law enforcement, God forbid. This is just another punitive squad of Putin's bandits led by bandit Bastrykin.

What can Ukraine expect from Putin on the eve of the presidential election? Will Putin act aggressively or is he more likely to try to win over a candidate he is comfortable with? By the way, why is Medvedchuk "resurrected" in Ukrainian politics? What role is Putin preparing for him?

As far as I understand, Medvedchuk has family ties with Putin - they are godfathers. But I try not to comment on internal Ukrainian affairs. The only thing I can say is that Putin and the Kremlin will try to influence the outcome of the elections in Ukraine in all directions. There will be an opportunity to make shit on the one hand - they will do it, on the other hand, they will also do it, and on the third, too. From all sides. They will use every opportunity to push through the most convenient candidate. If there is an opportunity to push through Tymoshenko - good, Tymoshenko. Through Medvedchuk? Great too, great. This all fits into their usual paradigm. Anything that is bad for Ukraine is good for the Kremlin. It is in this paradigm that they will continue to act..

Greetings! Leonid Kuchma argued that Ukraine is not Russia. What do you think is the main difference between Ukraine and Russia now?

The Centurion There have always been many differences between Ukraine and Russia. First, there are many geopolitical differences. Secondly, one must not forget that there is a different mentality. Until you reach Moscow from Vladivostok ... Just indicate the distance. And there is no problem to come to Kiev from any Ukrainian region. If anything, people in Ukraine are mobile, they can come to Kiev and arrange a maidan there. Now let's look at Moscow. What is Moscow? There are practically no native Muscovites left, mostly newcomers. Moreover, these are not creative or socially active people, but people who came for a long ruble, people who came to Moscow just because there is more money there. And the whole policy of Moscow is sharpened precisely on the fact that 80% of the money supply is concentrated in this Babylon, in this cancer enclave called Moscow. And in this terrible "broth" newcomers, remnants of Muscovites, some siloviki, some Caucasians, the mafia are boiling ... And all this together is mud, a cross. What Maidan ?! What are you talking about? No Maidan. Office workers? They pay, thank God. They will stop paying, it will become scary to live in Moscow - they will collect their belongings and leave for their Chelyabinsk and Uryupinsk. Therefore, it is not necessary to say that some kind of Maidan is possible in Moscow ... The last time I saw civil society that took to the streets was four years ago - on September 21, 2014, when people took to the Peace March ". It was conducted by Boris Nemtsov, who was still alive at the time. I helped, we shot videos so that more people would come out. Then it was the last exit of civil society, which was not indifferent. Since then, some have already disappeared, and those are far away ... Your humble servant is no longer in Russia either. Someone left, someone died, someone was killed. Therefore, Russia is not Ukraine, no ... Moreover, Ukraine openly says: “Yes, we are at war. We are a country at war. " Ask the average Russian if the country at war is Russia. In response, you will hear "no". And with Ukraine? "Yes, we are not there!" And Syria? "We're just bombing." Therefore, Ukraine is not Russia.

I have a few questions about Crimea 1) Do you have any data on how far Putin has gone with the militarization of the peninsula? 2) Will Crimea return to Ukraine or rather become Turkish? 3) How much did the Crimean bridge actually cost Russia and how much do you think it will stand? American journalist Thomas Rogan advised Ukraine to blow it up, do you think this is a reasonable proposal?

  1. No, I have such data, unfortunately I do not. I cannot speak on this subject.
  2. This is again a fortune-telling of what Crimea will become - Turkish, Ukrainian, or some other ... It is up to the Crimeans to decide. Decide for the citizens of Ukraine. But not for me for sure.
  3. This question should be addressed to specialists. I cannot answer it - I am not competent in this.

Good morning! Tell me, Alexander, is the collapse of the Russian Federation possible in the near future? What's going to happen? What are the consequences for the world and Ukraine in particular?

Can Russia fall apart? Maybe, of course. And the Soviet Union is proof of this. Then it seemed like this ear could disintegrate ... disintegrated. It seems that Russia is so sealed with blood, sewn together ... No, it can fall apart. It's just that certain processes have to start for this. And it seems to me that these processes are now beginning to take place. First of all, this is the inner articulation of the question "Why are we feeding the center?" More and more often in the regions the question of relations between the federal center and the regions is being raised. To put it very briefly, it sounds more and more often: "Stop feeding Moscow!" And what does Moscow, the federal center, give so useful to the regions? Apart from the constant instructions “do this, this and that”? People are very unhappy with the way income is distributed, because 70% of income from the regions goes to the center, 25-30% remains in place - this is no good. In regions such as Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, discontent has been brewing for a long time.

"Stop feeding Moscow!" - this thesis will be pronounced more and more often on the ground in the regions. And one day, when this FSB "special power" collapses (and it will collapse unambiguously and surely), then all these centrifugal tendencies will appear. And then all the "time mines" that were planted (and they were planted by the communists in the Soviet Union, then under Putin), will begin to explode one after another, and somewhere - even at the same time. This will become the very point of disintegration of Russia. I really would not like that. As they say, it is better to have a civilized interregional divorce. But, unfortunately, empires like Russia never disintegrated bloodlessly. The USSR disintegrated relatively bloodlessly, because these were still imperial superstructures, and the main empire, its backbone, is exactly what is today called the Russian Federation. And then, you see the situation with Ukraine ... After all, this is also a process of the collapse of the Soviet empire. It's just that what is happening today between the Kremlin and Kiev is a slightly delayed story. And in any case, it fits into the process of the collapse of the USSR.

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